Sakura & Yukata Miku + My First Re-Ment + Kawaii in Manila BIG Giveaway + Random Updates (so many plus signs lol)

Hello, hello, hello 皆様〜 (mina-sama / everyone)!

Just a quick kawaii spam of updates!


If you’ve been following my instagram, you’d know that I’m fascinated with kawaii toys. I don’t know why but taking photos / playing with these mini toys has become a me-time for me (after a whole day’s work in front of the computer). At the same time, my creative skills are being challenged.. and I love creative exercises~ :))) Just recently, I received my first nendoroid toys featuring Hatsune Miku! Japan / World’s most-loved Vocaloid?? :))  :yay:

Speaking of toys, has interviewed Brickaholic! His collection of toys + funny toy photography ideas actually influenced me to become a starting toy collector as well.. As of now, I just have a little bit of everything (Pullip, Blythe, re-ment, etc.. thanks to second-hand toy shops + presents from family and friends haha) since I’m more into building a varied one rather than sticking to a specific category.  :yay:

I had some time to rest before going to sleep days ago so I tried out photographing Sakura Miku (which isn’t really mine, but Justin’s.. who also got influenced in nendoroid collecting) and Yukata Miku. These two are so cute! I’m not really into vocaloid’s but ever since I got to see @soo_hack‘s instagram account, I began thinking of purchasing one for myself too. Hehe~


Sakura Miku & Sakura-chan under the Sakura Tree.. too much sakura?? :))

(BTW, You can buy the “Blooming Magic Sakura Tree” here~!)

Sakura Miku’s cherry butt! :))


Awww, they’re so cute together!! <3




Hopefully I can take more photos of her more in the future! ^^


Tried my luck with re-ment boxes a few days ago and I got Mike again! Reminds me of my friend Emika, haha!!

Just Helping Out Friends ~

poster copy

My sister-in-law Claire finally decided to blog! If you are into healthy lifestyle / practical kawaii DIY’s / cute bento creations, you’ll love this blog! 🙂


My fellow Kawaii Leader Marie Zannou’s super sweet website–


My Beauty Blogger friend all the way from Indonesia has just launched her new shop, Japacolle!

<3 Stella Lee <3


Shop Info:

Japacolle [ジャパコレ] is a short name of Japan Collection, and it is a store that carries Tokyo Fashion style to Indonesia. Japacolle collaborates with Shibuya109 Fashion Brands directly, such as Liz Lisa and Tralala, to offer you the best items and price!

Our products are directly imported from Japan, and every things we offer are genuine items from top brands in Tokyo. We offer you the best price you could ever imagine!

We have team who are based in Japan and Indonesia who are fluent in Japanese, Indonesia, and English. Payment is via Bank Transfer and/or Paypal.


The first pieces for the x Enji Collaboration are now available! No more waiting, yay!
Facebook | Online Shop
Candy Kawaii Lover

If you’re a big fan of Japanese clothing brands, you will love this shop by Candy Kawaii Lover Ashley!

So many brands you guys… :O From EMODA, JOUETIE, WEGO, etc.. :O You can now have these :O

Shop Information:

We’re picking the most fashionable items from Japanese brands to sell online. As we love Japanese brands, we know how difficult it is to shop online because of language barrier and shipping costs. We at CKL Webstore make it easy for you!

Yesterday, we visited Tiara’s corner in Avantgarde, Harajuku! <3 So happy to see Tracy姉ちゃん‘s designs being displayed & up for sale! :”)

More info about Tiara in Tokyo here~!

The BIG Kawaii in Manila Worldwide Giveaway

After weeks of arranging this giveaway, finally it is out! 🙂

Let’s give Kawaii in Manila project some support, guys! :”)

If you’d like to try your luck by joining this giveaway, please click here.  :yay:



If you are joining the Kawaii in Manila Blog Entry Contest, please download this zipped file containing all the workshop information, photos, posters, and everything you need for the blog post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tiara by Tracy Dizon cute couture pieces are now available in Harajuku-based store, Avantagarde Japan!

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And that would be all for now, need to fix the Disneyland blog entry asap! Waah.. so many stuff to do ;___; でも頑張ります!


9 thoughts on “Sakura & Yukata Miku + My First Re-Ment + Kawaii in Manila BIG Giveaway + Random Updates (so many plus signs lol)

  1. Aaah I didn’t know there were cherries behind her butt :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Will be supporting the Kawaii in Manila event by blogging about it too! Thank you for the files (:

    With love,

  2. I like the sakura theme of your photos, they turned out super sweet..cherry butt 🙂 and thanks for sharing these cute blogs and sites, I can never get enough kawaii-ness 😛 *addicted*

  3. Kaila I worship you and your blog so can you tell me how to create a blog like yours or just how to make a blog website SALAMAT!!

  4. AAAAAH i love miku m her biggest fan theeheee im obsessed sorry XD
    Where can i buy that miku chan ?
    love u 😡


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