Sassy, Crazy & Silly Me

Hello, hello!

Just wanna share this funny set of photos we took in a super oshare (fashionable) studio where I accomplished my mission for the Kawaii International episode last weekend! I’m still preparing the special blog entry series of the Kawaii Tour with Stella, Mio, Eva & Marie that happened in April.  :yay:

For the meantime, enjoy these wacky photos first.. haha!!

It was break time so my brother and I figured we should mess around… haha~  :tss:

Wearing this rei plugsuit dress from JSG x Eva Store collection!


I love incorporating random / favorite characters to my fashion style which I call “ota-cute” fashion.

Otaku + kawaii = <3


I just goofed around and did funny poses :))



“A Hard Day in Eva” as captioned by a Rainbowholic reader.. haha!!

After my EVA video shot, I changed into another attire.  😎

Me and Sakura

I’m a huge, huge fan of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura.

When I was 12 or 13, I really looked up to this magical girl named Sakura Kinomoto. It’s so funny how she was really my “peg” on what type of person I would like to be when I grow older (and I’m now 22.. wow 10 years after?!).. *_* For some reason, her bubbly & cheerful personality in the series became the major reason why I got so hooked!!! You guys, I even cut my hair short + colored it auburn before just so I could feel like Sakura… omg.. . Hahaha!! I don’t know why but sometimes, I feel like I also got my crazy / bright personality from my Sakura addiction.. *true story*  :blush:


Wore my Kawaii DIY graphic top + Cute Parade star key!




My new Sakura figures I bought for 200 yen each! ;_;

Just playing around :))








Step out of the frame! :))

Then there was this special / super cute diner-inspired set in the studio! Future RAINBOWHOLIC CAFE!!! ;_;



“Okay let’s do this..!”

YUMMY-looking plastic cupcakes!!


Can I take home all the props???



Sorry, my (minimal / useless) make-up was starting to fade here haha.. :)))





Awkwardly posing hehehehe






LOL guys




Making a kawaii chaos?? :))

My cousin Kuya Jonathan also came to the studio shoot hahahaha I think everyone’s gotten used to my craziness :)))


My face when somebody catches me during my midnight snack trip in the kitchen..


I can’t act. :))

What the.. :))


Cannot be explained. :)))


Hope you enjoyed this funny photoset! More stories later~ Hopefully my unstable internet connection will finally cooperate! ;_;

I’m back in Manila for a short vacation & enjoying every minute of it!  :yay:

This is really my HOME.


6 thoughts on “Sassy, Crazy & Silly Me

  1. You look kawaii in those photos ate Kaila! :yay: :yay: I super love the pic where you were “caught having a midnight snack” hehe :33: :pink: :pink:

  2. :yehey: The photos are so quirky and gorgeous at the same time LOL. Loving your lenses for the Eva photos! I think your expressions are great ^^

    With love,

  3. These made me giggle, awesome studio set up, those cupcake props are amazing!! I think my favourite photo is you coming out of the bin, it just made me smile the most 🙂


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