School of Kawaii for Kawaii Fund

Konnichiwa, minna!

First things first, I want to update everyone about our current biggest project at Kawaii PH for Kawaii FundSchool of Kawaii!

In partnership with The Bunny Baker, we humbly present “School of Kawaii” – a series of workshops conducted by Kawaii Philippines!

school of kawaii - poster- copy

Classes start this May 2015!

We have lots of fun things in store for our enrollees! Please stay tuned for our future announcements~

Many thanks to Miss Aila of The Bunny Baker for accommodating Kawaii PH in your cafe! ^_^


Also, I am just so happy and proud of these #QOTD (quote of the day) by @kawaii_ph : )

We aim to spread positivity / boost everyone’s confidence in reaching their dreams through our influence in social media through ChiChi’s kawaii meaningful art!



If you have special quotes that you’d like us to share / chichi-fy, please do comment below and we’ll see what we can do!



One thought on “School of Kawaii for Kawaii Fund

  1. So happy for the launch of School of Kawaii!!!! It’s time for me to hone my crocheting skillz to become sensei material wewwww~

    Also! My favorite quote of all time: “Don’t wish upon a star, reach for one.” :–)


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