Seishun Kakumei’s Sachi and Rin in Ueno + Rainbowholic Shop Updates + Feature & Gift Art

Hello everyone!

Just sharing these overdue kawaii photos from weeks ago + random updates about my life / work. <3


I met up with Seishun Kakumei‘s Rin and Sachi during their visit in Japan.  We agreed to have a kawaii date in Ueno ~

sachi-rin.jpg sachi-rin-ueno.jpg

But first, purikura! <3


I showed them around in Ueno and we had these yummy fruit snacks ~


They tried Ginza Cozy Corner’s strawberry shortcake too. : )


We went to Parco’s Village Vanguard & Yamashiroya to see Sailormoon and Cardcaptor Sakura merch!


Sachi, gambatte!


They tried their luck with the ufo catchers ~





Thank you Sachi and Rin for the kawaii date, even if it was just short & simple! : ) Thank you so much Seishun Kakumei members for helping / supporting the Kawaii PH community too! ^^

See you again in… Kawaii in Manila 3?? 😀 (No solid plans yet but that’s the goal!)

Work Updates: JapanLover.Me Store + Rainbowholic Shop

Besides meeting up with friends / colleagues / partners (the story of my whole July + August calendar), I was busy with Rainbowholic Shop and JLM Store setup.

Rainbowholic Shop is my own business (that I’ve been running for years). Recently, here had been an influx of CCS-related requests.. so I thought I should help fellow fans from overseas who would also like to collect the CCS merch I’ve been posting through social media. Thankfully, all is good!

The other store that I’m setting up is one of the projects from my actual work. I shared some info / background about JLM store here. It’s still 70% done and the remaining is still overwhelming for me, but I’m still proud of the progress we’ve made so far. It isn’t easy to setup an e-commerce website but I’m learning.



Buy Cardcaptor Sakura items from Japan from Rainbowholic Shop <3



Hello Kitty Sukajan + favorite R2D2 New Era cap! The Kitty-chan sukajan will be made available soon at JLM Store!

Kawaii Gift Art by Marielle

Our newest intern at, Marielle, created these kawaii artworks for me + #Kailashley ~

rainbowholic candy kawaii lover kawaii rainbowholic by marielle

Thank you Marielle!

rainbowholic by marielle

Thank you for drawing me, Marielle~ <3

Interviewed by Vanessa of The College Candy

Weeks ago, I got interviewed by Vanessa about blogging + my background. Thanks for having me, Vanessa! ^^



TCC: What inspired you to start your own blog? How long have you been a blogger? And, what is the main topic/subject of your blog?
Kaila: I got inspired to start my own blog (before Rainbowholic era haha) because I wanted to improve my English composition skills when I was in highschool. I have been a blogger since I was 14, and I already got my own “dot com” that time. I am also a self-taught webpage designer.
My current topic / subject of my blog is “kawaii”.. with scoops of “inspiration”.
I included inspiration because one of my goals as a blogger and online influencer at the same time is to make the reader feel that he/she can also achieve the things I have done before / I am doing right now. I do not aim to be envied by showing a perfect life online as a blogger and somebody who is already living  her in dream in Japan but rather, I want to creatively express who I am by showing photos (how I see the world) and to be able to share my experiences to people out there who might be needing a boost or a pep talk.

You can read more about why I blog here.

Read the full interview here.


I guess that would be all for now!

I have surprise news one of these days~! Huhu, can’t wait!!!

<3, カイラ

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