September Week 2: Grocery Shopping + Jiriki Seitai

Good afternoon from Japan!

I’m so happy that it’s Sunday today and I get to take some rest from all the work last week. *_* Crazy!

For today’s quick post, I’ll just share some random photos I found from my phone.


Went grocery shopping to buy healthy food for myself. All the rainbow colors! :))


Japanese packaging = SELLS


Pikachu curry!!


Kawaii-fied mini sausages ~


Craving for Chinese food so I had these stir fried veggies~


I FINALLY GOT MY OWN CLOW BOOK (#ChildhoodDream)! ;_;

I took some videos of it and it’s just so pretty!! Will share once I’ve edited the video 🙂


Clow Card Fortune Book! Wish I could understand everything, huhu!


100 yen Halloween nail art goodies! So cute and so cheaaaap!

Japanese-style Yoga: Jiriki Seitai

A few weeks ago, Yukie-san invited me to join a Jiriki Seitai class. It was my first time to attend a yoga-like class here in Japan and I had a very relaxing experience! It felt like I gave myself a thai massage. :))


Thank you Yukie-san for this memorable day! I really appreciate it a lot! 🙂


It was held at Anrakuji Temple in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo.

Japanese yoga inside the temple = legit zen feels haha


The classes were all in Japanese but the sensei was really good in instructing the whole class. I was the first foreigner to attend one! :))


Usually, Japanese temples do not allow photography inside but for the class, it was allowed!


Look at all those fine Japanese arts / antiques!


Thank you again Yukie-san for letting me experience this “Japanese-style” yoga class!

I had a memorable time! :”)

<3, カイラ

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