Shaping The World The Kawaii Way (As Told by Hermie & Jessica)

(A Repost From Kawaii Philippines)


There are billions of human beings in this world, but there are only two kinds of them – those who think in the normal way and those who think differently.

The first kind of people comprises the majority – people who have their lives patterned every day.

Each of them is just a copy of the other, making it easier for them to camouflage themselves in the huge wave of people.

And sadly, they are the ones who will not see the light, their true selves. Because they have let other people rule their lives and they have agreed on passing the same mistake they committed to the other people. Fortunately, we became part of an organization (Assumption Development Foundation) which taught us that there is indeed another kind of people who are far more powerful than the normal.

And they are those who think differently.


ADF is the place where we meet various people who have different ways of going out of their boxes, and just last time, we were able to meet a new one – a group of people who embrace the Kawaii culture.

pastel kei 1_cb

Growing up in a society where wearing cute, colorful and bold-print clothes surely lifts one’s eyebrow, it is no longer surprising that most girls would rather hide than be branded as weird, childish and attention seeker.


That’s the general idea one can get and somehow, it felt like we cannot do something about it.




However, there is just a certain time when our real selves yearn to get out and be showcased.

The “Kawaii Empowerment” event last October made us think of this culture (Kawaii) as more than the just the things we know about – cute boys and girls with big eyes and wearing colorful outfits.

lolita kei 1_cb

Ate Chichi and Ate Kaila shared with us how their love for Kawaii had led them to have positive outlooks in life (and problems), and eventually used it as a stepping stone in achieving their goals. After their colorful and inspiring talks, Ate Kaye shared with us the Japanese street fashion, reminding us that we do not need to have lots of money to create our own dresses.


As the event went on, we realized that most of us have inclinations to this kind of art in our own different ways. By the time we were choosing from the cute outfits they provided us and doing the photo shoot, we just couldn’t hide how excited and ecstatic we were feeling at the moment. And of course, we did not let this opportune time to just pass, so we just showed our real selves the whole time. And it wasn’t that difficult because our Kawaii friends were really approachable, cheerful and friendly.


In a nutshell, everything they said boils down in celebrating who we are and not to be ashamed to show it. They made us remember our childhood dreams and relive it the way we wanted it: colorful, positive and cute.


Being with these optimistic people and learning their stories of success in a day made us feel more passionate in setting the child within us free. And by that, we mean having the courage to express ourselves in a creative way and not minding the negative judgments we might get. Because, anyway, whether we do something or not, people will always react.


We hope that this kind of seminar, “Kawaii Empowerment“, will be able to reach and liberate creativity to more people so they will also feel what we felt. Because people like them who do not conform to the norms are those who push the human race forward. If not for them, progress is never possible. There are lots of ways to liberate our imagination and this is a good avenue to start the change in ourselves.


Long live the cuteness in each of us and in the world!


Thank you Kawaii Philippines!! 有難うございます! ❤








Photography by Justin De Jesus

Words by By Hermie Delloro & Jessica Francisco

Kawaii Empowerment Project Team

Coordinated by ChiChi Romero and Kaila Ocampo

Assisted by Francis Clemente and Ghey Galura

Styling and Make-up by Kaye Romero


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