Sharing Kawaii and Happiness

And yesterday happened.


Still having the Kawaii in Manila hangover ;_; Even though I was part of the organizing team, I also felt like a participant! ;_;

THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who supported!! ;_;

Kawaii in Manila” was an amazing experience.

It felt great to be in the same room with people I look up to and fellow kawaii girls.

I learned a lot & I will surely apply everything I learned in my life!

Thank you so much for all your handwork! Everything was worth it.” – Savie

My next entries / “report” would be all about Kawaii in Manila, so be ready for the spam! What happened yesterday was really really awesome!!!

Also, to those who wanted to join the workshop but wasn’t able to.. I have GREAT news for you!

Japan Lover Me and Kawaii PH (Kawaii in Manila) will participate & have booths in the most-awaited cosplay convention in the Philippines,

Cosplay Mania this October 5 and 6!

We’ll all meet you there, okay? 😥

Lastly.. I just want to post these proud moments for  both Japan Lover Me & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Philippines!

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 10.56.28 PM

We reached 50,000+ talking about this! That’s our highest record for now ;___:


and …….


Thanks to Warner PH & Odyssey for making this happen!

The Official Global fanpage of Kyaryちゃん posted the Album Launch Video!!! :O :O :O

Huhuhuhu.. ;_;

So many kawaii achievements.. and we’re just starting.  😥

Someday, I believe that Philippines will be part of the ~priority list~ of Japanese brands / idols / etc. when it comes to overseas promotions!

 Not only HongKong, Singapore, Thailand and other countries!


(In the Philippines, kawaii power is really strong!)

And I guess our biggest challenge for this is to show (to the big guys out there) that there are many Filipino Kawaii appreciators indeed!

And coming to PH is a great idea ^_^


Jaa~ Motto, motto, gambarimashou!


6 thoughts on “Sharing Kawaii and Happiness

  1. I think a bunch of Japanese cosmetic and fashion brands are coming to the Philippines. I mean, just think of giant Uniqlo–I think they’re under the bigger group of companies like GU which KPP has collaborated with before! So MAYBEEEEE~

  2. I’ve been told many good things about the Philippines. :nod: My friend is an exhibiting artist over there and has another show next year :heart: , so I’ll be visiting. Hope we can hang out 😉


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