Shibuya Bowling Night + Sakura Maccha Latte KitKat + Alice in Fantasy Book in Shinjuku

This will be a heavy post of what happened over the week. Can’t believe that it’s Friday again! I’m so happy that I get to rest… it’s so cold outside! SAMUIIII  😥 毎日学校上行くときは大変だよ!

Last monday after class, I headed to Shibuya for Caro’s goodbye bowling party before she leaves for L.A. Thank you Mori-san for teaching me tricks how to become a pro bowling athlete by using both of your hands! I have a future in this sport. My broken nail agrees.

BUT WAIT! I saw a Beard Papa’s branch!


HUHUHU IT WAS TOO SINFUL… I wanted another pan but I must control myself.

As usual, I went inside a game center first while waiting for others to arrive.

I spent 400 yen (100 yen per game) watching the UFO catcher and the universe conspire by not grabbing tightly on any of this… 400 yen, I can have a delicious bento with that! HUHU

And it was a great and fun experience. I always love talking about random stuff with the people who work hard for Tokyo Fashion. Got to meet Master Will Robb too!

Too bad Tavuchi from Spank! came late together with artist ShojonoTomo! I have school so.. next time, I want to hang out more with these creative minds!

And because I was such in a hurry, I left my Electric Blue stars (sounds like a Katy Perry song, haha) doc martens! Went home with a new pair of bowling shoes?!

Thanks Timu & Mori-san for keeping my shoes for me! See you guys and let’s trade shoes! : )))


A Regular Day of a Japanese Language Student in Tokyo

Since I gained a few pounds from last week’s overdose on carbs, I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy (and still delicious) food. Here’s wheat bread and vitamin jelly for.. BEAUTY? : ))

My desk one early morning in school.

I’m currently reading successful brand stories, hoping to get fresh insights. I’m not really much of a brand person, but I look up to these designers and brand managers.

From a magazine. Here are spring colors in cutest descriptions for you!

Please add cottoncandy blue? :”)

My shoes from Swimmer that I got for 1000 yen only before!


Colorful days are ahead

I usually see this kind of kitkat from Narita Airport, so I was surprised to see a box of this available from a convenient store! A bit pricey but it’s rare, so Kaila must buy…


I was craving for veggies and spaghetti… so I cooked my first tomato spaghetti with chunky tunas and mushrooms!  :yay:

In one of our classes, we were given story books in Japanese.

It was hard to read from left to right, but I managed! I’m so happy that I could understand everything @_________@ Hard work pays off!


Alice in Fantasy Book: An Alice in Wonderland-themed Restaurant in Shinjuku!

My friend Mariane shared a link about an Alice-themed restaurant in Tokyo many months ago… and I didn’t forget about that.  :333:

Last week, my Thai classmate Tobu-san told me she went to an Alice-themed resto in Shinjuku recently.  Upon knowing that, I began bringing my own food to school to save up for an expensive meal and Rabbit hole experience. I can’t believe that I’m almost living about a year here in Japan and I haven’t gone here! @___@

Shoro, Chou, Dawa and I went to one of Diamond Dining‘s Alice-themed restaurants- Alice in Fantasy Book  (絵本の国のアリス)

Next: Ginza’s version! LOOK AT THIS huhu SO PERFECT. I want to go here with full Alice costume? : )))))

Pictures are grainy and dark because I only had my iPhone with me. The book you see up there is the menu!

As you can see, it’s very expensive. And they have “charm fee” or fee for just coming there… it was 500 yen per person! @_@

Very welcoming! Pop-up graphics for an introduction~


Yummy fruit jellies while waiting for our meal.


Took (dark) photos while waiting…

The Shinjuku version is small compared to the one in Ginza. I must go there!


Everyone was busy taking photos of themselves… Dawa had a hundred or so.





Purikura Date~


We were early for our reservation in the restaurant so my friend who likes Purikura as well had a quick Purikura date! Dawa and Shoro shopped instead.

Took vain purikura photos with Chou-san~


Creepy eye magnifier! Haha

Bon Voyage~

Here’s my third for my Purikura Fridays! It’s technically cheating but I can’t spend money anymore, right? Haha~


Friday and Chocolates~!

During one of our classes, our sensei talked about the Valentine tradition here in Japan. Every season makes everyone spend on each other! In Japan, the girls are the ones who give chocolates to their male friends. It’s a crazy season here!


Cute suggestions from a chocolate catalogue..

Seems like from Village Vanguard?

Carlo would love the car-shaped chocolates! Haha

My lunch says hi. The egg looks sad.


After lunch, our teachers brought us to Hanazono Jinja! A 20-minute walk from Bunka.

Every February the third is “Setsubun”. It’s a bean-throwing ceremony performed to drive away all the evils from last year. I also got beans after the ceremony. Hello, snacks!

After the ceremony, they gave out special bags from different sponsors. I got three ramen noodles! Yay for free food~ I love how generous the Japanese government is!



I stopped by at a local drugstore here in Urawa, and found this Hello Kitty x Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Mascara! I tried it out and immediately fell in love with it!


Hope that was an interesting blog post! Did I just over-share?! And is there such word..? Hahaha!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Shibuya Bowling Night + Sakura Maccha Latte KitKat + Alice in Fantasy Book in Shinjuku

  1. Have just found this blog and I’m already in love with it! I love all that cute Japanese stuff that you post Kaila. I hope I can go to Japan soon! :)))

  2. Hello Kitty mascara… I want! :love:
    Your blog is so full of colors and interesting things and its really amusing – I love it :pink:

  3. I’ll be visiting Japan between May 5 to May 9 ^_^ Would you recommend to visit the Alice restaurant at Ginza than Shinjuku? My hotel is near Shinjuku Station and I’m not too familiar with the JR/Metro system yet. I’m worried I’ll get lost but if there’s more entertaining things to see at Ginza, I’ll risk it!

    Also, may I ask where you found the purikura at Shinjuku? I thought they were located at Akihabara. Will definitely keep an eye out but are they on higher floors? I’m from Toronto so not too familiar with all the tall buildings. T_T;

    Thanks! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog entries and planning where to shop when I visit. Definitely making time to shop at MaruiOne and LaForet for lolita clothes/browsing and Spinn. Never heard of it before ^^;

  4. @Angel Cosmos: I haven’t gone to the Alice restaurant in Ginza yet.. but for the Shinjuku one, i think it’s smaller than Ginza’s version (don’t be surprised! haha). I would recommend getting lost (whaat) haha just carry a tokyo guide with you and an english version of the JR/metro system ^^v Ginza is a very posh place with super brands, it’s worthy of a visit 😀

    As for the purikura, the game station I’d always go is “Taito Station”. Go out from the west exit of the Shinjuku station. You should see GAP, etc. then go down from the huge staircase… then walk straight then turn left on the second street : ) If you get lost, don’t panic, you’ll find Taito Game station eventually ^^v It’s on the second floor. Haha. And purikura stations are almost everywhere. If you go to Harajuku, from the Takeshita Dori sign, go to the small streets at the left. There are purikura booths as well : )

    You’ll enjoy shopping at Shibuya and Harajuku. Just take the JR Yamanote line (most famous JR line, haha). 😀

    Hope that helps!



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