Shimokitazawa, Taiyaki and Heart-shaped Macarons

This was one crazy and productive weekend! I was able to…..  do my chores without procrastinating, learn how to cook (thanks Claire’s cooking school!), meet with TokyoFashion/Caro/Harajuku Kids, try bellydancing in Megalos! All random things in TWO DAYS @____@

Went out wearing my favorite My Melody bag and a fuzzy jumper! I love how fluffy and curly my hair here. It kept me warm!

I actually didn’t go out with those platforms that have been sleeping so long in a cabinet here.. Just thought it would be a cuter outfit with this pair on! Hence the outfit shots.. hehe!

I just went out with my favorite leather brown boots you’ve been seeing me wearing in my photos.  :heart:

I met up with Caro from SweetStreets LA and accompanied her to one of her company’s artist’s (EIMI) gallery showing.

It was in Shimokitazawa, a very interesting place in Tokyo. I will go back there in daylight and take some snaps!

Above is Eimi‘s AMAZING artworkSSSSSS. Pink and orange <3

Who got lucky and was given free postcards??????? WAAAAA

Really cool place to chill and the artsy vibe is <3

After our ADVENTURE in Shimokitazawa, we headed straight back to Shibuya with awesome Eimi (and we were running like fools) for the Broken Doll concert.

Here is one of Tokyo Fashion’s snaaaaaaaapssss. Love the Harajuku kids crowd… and of course, Broken Doll’s music! If you remember one of my videos, they were featured here.



I was becoming more and more of a woman recently…

I’m taking cooking seriously! : )))))

For breakfast, I made some Taiyaki. Just like waffles but much cuter with the fish pattern.  :heart:

Burnt fish, scaly fish, fish with weird tail, fish that looks so sad…

I tried copying my P12.00 favorite from Waffle Time in the Philippines, the cheese waffle (what is it calleeeed?). HUHU FAIL

For some reason, Japan’s kind of cheese tastes… less cheeser? than the ones we have in the Philippines. A bit bland so I cooked some bacon and threw it inside the fishies…

I used chocolates for another variation. Not bad!  :3:

Thinking of making cute sets of my random collectibles <3 Here’s one!

I love Japanese flyers. I can practice katakana and kanji reading! Hahaha. Kumamiki gave me this for her event today.. too bad I had to be stuck at home!

Spent the whole afternoon with my brother and Ate Claire. Ate and I tried out belldancing! The Group Kick exercise was soooo refreshing.

2012 summer, I must wear a bikini! HUHUHU


And all the cute stuff they have in supermarkets…

Just have to take photos of these. HUHUHU my love for chocolates and cuteness ;____;



If Carlo was here, I will command him to buy me any of these cakes! OMG HUHUHUHUHU why LDR

For Valentine’s… waaaaaa I want this strawberry cake

The staff were so nice because they let me took photos! Freshest cakes everrrrr. I love La Maison!

From another shop. Here’s a very RARE  Macaron for you from Gypchic Sweets!!

SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE @_______@ I wouldn’t even dare to eat this! Haha..




7 thoughts on “Shimokitazawa, Taiyaki and Heart-shaped Macarons

  1. OMG, what’s with the LCD prices on the konbin stuff? :sweatdrop: They didn’t have those when I was there. It makes me think they’re going to adjust the prices by 1 or 2 yen all the time. I wonder if they are! :huh:

    Fun post as usual, BTW!!! :heart:

  2. I love your rocking horse shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair for myself too :nod:
    Shimokitazawa sounds like a cute artsy place! The next chance I get to go to Japan, I want to check it out!

  3. I like your outfit!! :heart:

    And I want Taiyaki waahhh~ ><

    AND O M G THOSE CHOCOLATES AND POCKIES AND SNACKS OMG :(((((( Can I please go there and have a shopping spree of some sort? ;_______;

  4. Wow!!! Bellydancing!! 😀 😀 😀 i looove bellydance/ Egyptian classical dance <# i am an intermediate in the form of art n i totallyyyyy loooveeee every bit of it!! how was your experience in it??? want to know ^_^ and your OOTD with furryrabbit outer wear is sooo soo cute like you <3


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