Snap-happy Shoeholic + Today’s Random Surprises

I lust over pretty and unique shoes.  :heart:

I feel incomplete whenever I go out and my shoes don’t compliment with my total coordinate. That is probably why my shoe collection has expanded over the months!  :blank:

I’m the type of girl who buys shoes for its design / functionality / rarity / weirdness (these are my criteria! haha).. not for its brand.

And I buy especially when it’s SALE and ridiculously priced (low)!

Here are some of my pairs half a year ago.. 

Aside from loving shoes, I love “snapping” pretty shoes I could only look at. I don’t know if it’s just me but I take photos of fashionable items (which are out of my budget) so that I would be motivated to work and reward myself with these wants when the time comes.  :tongue:
     . . . . . .
  . . .  and then I discovered Snapette, an free iPhone APP for a snap-happy fashionista like me!
If you follow me on tumblr, you would observe that some photos were via Snapette!


Thousands of shoe and bagholics in the Snapette community! I am learning new brand names because of this! One of the perks, I guess?  :heart:

This app lets you windowshop the world on your phone~ !  :heart:


I was happy to know that they have released a Japanese version of Snapette (スナペティ)!  More yomikata (reading) practice for me!

And I personally think that Katakana and Hiragana look cuter than Alphabet… haha!


I just recently started and so far, I am enjoying looking at my grid of shoes. Some shoes are mine and some are in my dreams… haha!

Also . . . I treat my Snapette grid like a mood board of my style. Bow galore! : )))



What I like about this app is its very simple and sleek interface. Look at the filmstrip theme editor! I personally think it’s cute.


For people like me who steal iPhone shots of share-worthy shoes / kawaii stuff… simple detail input process is a must! : )

When I’m bored and waiting for the train to come, I usually take photos of my feet. I donut know but I do : ))

I really am “snap-happy”! Hahaha!  :star:

And have I mentioned that this app is for FREE..? <3  Go snaplovin’ on your own!  :hihi:



Today’s Surprises ~ <3

UWAAAAAAA~!!   :hug:

Earlier this morning, I received a package from LEEN (Doitsu Panda)!! It’s a matching Kiki and Lala Skirt and TOTE BAG!!!

リン、you didn’t have to but… you did ;____; I’M SO HAPPY!!!!  :yay: I LOVE YOUR STITCHES HUHUH WHY SO CLEAN UNLIKE MINE ;__;

Sempai teach me! <3 <3

And then, I received a REALLY pretty fan art from TYNberry!!! SUPER CUTE BRB CRYING SOMEWHERE

Does the actual Kaila give justice to her drawing? : O : O AND THERE IS PEDOKUMA.. I mean, RILAKKUMA! Hahaha! <3




3 thoughts on “Snap-happy Shoeholic + Today’s Random Surprises

  1. I love your shoes gurl specially the blue one from the 1st photo and the browns on the second photo! How I wish I could find them here in Yamaguchi so I could have them too. :sob:

    any plans of doing some blog sale?


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