Spring Lolita Date with Leen in Namja Town and Harajuku!

Last weekend, my fashion buddy (Doitsu Panda!) and I finally realized our SPRING LOLITA DATE!!!


At the end of the day, we realized that we can never be real lolita girls. Haha!


Pyon pyon!



We met up at our favorite station, SHINJUKU! : )))

It’s been so long since we saw each other’s faces! Leen went on a homestay with a Japanese family in a province and I was busy with work.


Brick watch courtesy of Mario Kart toy capsules~


We went to Sunshine City’s NAMJA TOWN! I honestly don’t know who the characters are but I saw from a website that this is a must-visit..

Neko in a strawberry cake welcomed us.

They had a cat photo contest! Spot the flying cat = ))))


It was bigger than I expected! We just bought the 300 yen ticket for entrance (access to food = ))) )! Hahaha

餃子スタジアム! Gyoza stadium!

Too cute not to take a photo of. ; )

Leen was starving so we decided to try out Namja Town’s gyoza! It was so expensive huhuhu.. 500 yen for 4 pieces but it was YUMMY!

Cheesy gyoza for lolita girls~


And then we toured for a while. Doitsu Panda tried to scare me by letting me try out this amusement…

TT_TT I almost pushed Leen to the floor when I thought my hand was to be chopped : )))))


If you are a cat lover, you will adore Namja Town. LOOK AT THOSE CAT-SHAPED TREATS!!


Wow, never thought that there would be such place!

Salt icecream… TT_TT

Who wants to try crab icecream??? :O


Took gajillion photos of this maccha dessert~

neko neko neko neko


UFO machines are everywhere in Japan.

Loved the wall, hence the photo. Hehehe

What Leen wanted to win (I think?) : D


Japanese love fortune-telling (this is a big business here!) so I was not surprised to see booths like that here!

So expensive huhuhuhu

Then we ate again. >_<

This cafe looked really popular! There were a bunch of people waiting in line..

Cutest ever! : ))


I actually consider my outfit as a downgraded lolita style? I didn’t wear a lacy top like what lolita girls usually do. I even wore sneakers! : ))

Gyoza sticks! Haha, clever!



Lolita Purikura Time in Ikebukuro, Tokyo~!


While walking around Ikebukuro, we saw RILAKKUMA!!! Wee I have finally kissed this lazy bear!!! : ))

Purikura overdose for women’s vanity prescription. Haha

Taking a million minutes to edit our photos. Haha

Sending it to our phone…



Heard the mirror calling us… : )) I want that huge Rilakkuma sticker!!!

Busy Ikebukuro..

You guys can check out Gift Gate’s Ikebukuro branch if you find Sanrio Puroland hard to visit ; )


Harajuku, 行こう!

11 thoughts on “Spring Lolita Date with Leen in Namja Town and Harajuku!

  1. SO MANY SWEETS AND CAKES :woww: I’m so jealous, they all look delicious! And all the cats are so cute :kawaii: I also love Rilakkuma :pink: squealed when I saw the Rilakkuma bumblebee toy in the UFO catcher, I want one :333: by the way, loving all the emoticons

  2. everything in japan is so so awesome! i wan to go to japan too!

    Ps: i really like your lolita outfit. :heart: and i especially love love LOVE your marshmallow platforms!

  3. sooo much fooood. i want eat now T_T I should wait for tomorrow for eat some sweets.
    Love this entry!!!! I love food photos. I’m a masochist, apparently. haha

  4. omg :love: i love everyting your dress,the sweets,rilakkuma, :heart: purikura ,ice cream :loveheart:
    I want to be there too 😥 hope that i will dream something cute after seeing this :cheer:


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