Standout Award From NHK WORLD’s KAWAII International

Somebody slap me…

OMGG!  :uwaa:


I won a standout award for the DIY contest !!


After I was notified by a few friends that I was featured at Tokyo KAWAII TV / Kawaii International.. I didn’t have any clue what award I would get!

I told my parents to watch with me since it will be my first ever (and major..? considering it’s NHK WORLD) TV feature. I was getting nervous because the winners were announced during the last minutes of the show!

AND, I wasn’t chosen to be part of the TOP 3! I thought that I would be in another episode or it was just all a mistake… huhu so anxious!

These words coming from Kimura-san herself…huhuhuhu  :blank:

The pretty Melody Yoko!!! She loved my mushroom hearts hat ;___;

Congratulations to the TOP 3 winners~!  :33:



9 thoughts on “Standout Award From NHK WORLD’s KAWAII International

  1. Congrats on the feature! :yay:
    Not surprised, though, the Super Mario outfit was damn creative. My favorite part is still the mushroom socks XD


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