Strawberry-picking Time + Neko Neko Kaira + My Sakura Love

HALLUUUUU Rainbowholic friends <3 I’m almost typing this blog entry half-asleep.. hopefully I’ll make it until the end, haha~ ^^

I really love how last week happened. So productive, fun and memorable! Even though I’m 80% just by myself (my brother / “boss” went to Manila for business / vacation).. I’m really having the best days. It feels like an incubation time for my silly brain and I + my new long-term project is always making me excited! 😀 Just a few more weeks guys, and “we” are gonna launch it! *wink*



Last week, JL姉ちゃん invited me to go strawberry-picking with her family & friends! I forgot where it was (I am always forgetful when it comes to names ugh) but it was an hour drive away from Saitama.

I’m really digging the “kawaii touch” simple look these days. I don’t go overboard with accessorizing anymore haha~

Wore the simple heart tights + added autographed Domo to the complete coordinate 😀

For about 1,500 JPY (i think), we had the whole day for unlimited strawberry-picking. We had to eat everything inside though.

Ichigo, ichigo~

It was such a great and warm day inside the greenhouse farm with lots of strawberries!!

I felt like Alice in Strawberryland, haha. 😛

Hello resident Strawberry guardian turtle! Hehe

I ate these within a minute or so. Was super hungry before coming >_<

Domo, shoo~


Me with the super cute Strawberry shortcake that day, Klara!


Strawberry Lovin~

Must’ve tasted so yummy with sweetened milk! (I cannot eat anything dairy as of the moment because of health reasons -_-)



Klara’s outfit > mine

Hello Kitty strawberry watch is the best! Haha~


I really think that this girl will become a celebrity / model someday~ Look at those natural eyelashes!

(you could say I enjoy being with kids, haha)


And here’s an outfit photo wherein I really look I tried my best to fit myself into. EFFORT!! :)) Hahaha~

SIGH.. tripod, y u got broken!? >_<


Daily Random Life & Kawaii Stuff + Motivational Thoughts

Just random stuff that I took photos of. I always take photos of the most mundane things for other people : ))


LEFT: TOPPO in this flavor. UGH gallbladder y u spare me from these oishii food?!

(i still have 2 stones left and it is painful / too risky to eat super sweet foods right now.)

RIGHT: VEGGIE JUICE x SAKURANBO (cherry) mix! SUPER YUMMY and the packaging is really cute with cherry blossoms~


On a different note, I got a somewhat surprising message/comment on my Rainbowholic FB just recently that made me smile (and think).. 🙂

(post by SooYoung Flower)

I really am happy that someone out there views me / my blog in a such a way. ;___;  Usually, people would just tell me “you are so lucky to be in Japan!” and the like (though I’d still have to agree to that of course)..  but in actuality, I want to be viewed as somebody more than that (lucky girl). That’s why this message / short comment made me smile. ^^  Hontou wa ne (truth is), this is one of the reasons I blog with such enthusiasm & effort. I actually have a not-so-hidden hidden message that I want to convey as you are reading & viewing my updates.  I want to show to my readers / to people who cheer me on that even if I’m not someone like a blogger celebrity / I’m an average girl (just with huge & crazy dreams ), I can still have an enjoyable / “amazing” life. I guess being in Japan does really add more sugar & spice in my life but I think that even if you place me elsewhere in the world (even if I were still in Manila), I would still blog the same way… or rather, see & feel things the same way. Still Rainbowholic, a girl who is chasing relentlessly her dreams. 🙂

You know what, here’s a trick to have an exciting / amazing life in just a snap. When you start being more appreciative and grateful for what you have right now and you don’t focus on what’s lacking in your life or what you are missing out on.. you would realize that you actually have a pretty amazing life already. It’s always the mindset / the way you think. If you tell yourself that your life sucks, you are right. If you tell yourself “I’m blessed” even during hard times, then you really are blessed!  Just because you’re not living your dream(s) right now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate the moment you are in at present. Years ago, I had a lot of frustrating times because I wanted to go to Japan but there were so many hurdles. Luckily I regained back my sense during the down times. I shifted myself away from all the negativity caused by my own impatience for my Japanese dream and… I just enjoyed my time back then and did my best in my college days. ^^ I used to have this bratty girl thinking who would think that happiness ONLY equates with conditional happenings such as (I’ll be happy if/when I have this, I’m experiencing this).. but really, thinking that way was just being unfair to myself. ^^

Wow, that was quite long haha didn’t mean to type so much but I hope you guys get what I’m trying to say ^^v

Someday I’ll write more motivational stuff especially about reaching your dreams as requested~ 🙂

For now, here are some of my favorite quotes / inspirational writings from & elsewhere 😀


(Note: I always save my favorite quotes on my phone so I can reread them anytime & anywhere. You should do that too! ^^)


I also take lots of screenshots of my favorite article points. Haha! Another tip ?

My regular source of everything motivational would be ^^

I really had a bad experience a few months ago. At first, I didn’t know how to handle such situation and eventually, I got swallowed by a short-phased depression. One day, I just woke up and I almost literally slapped myself out of it!  I finally chose to let my worst situation to shape & strengthen me who I am today.. an unstoppable Kaila. 😀


My two favorites ^^


Okay, nuff of wordiness.. hahaha~

The earliest cherry blossom tree in the neighborhood, can I have you in my room?

Cannot believe it’s been a year already since my first Sakura season. WOW

100 yen ballpen randomness

Super cute for pencil cases!!

Chotto takai..


Playing with make-up (I like my make-up simple & light) ^^


Work-out at home~ Sarsi shirt yay! (it’s a famous Filipino cola drink)

Current be@rbrick collection + Project 1/6 specials!

Was cleaning up my room and then suddenly I have all of these hats / caps *_*

Tidying up & designing my place..

I cannot stop looking at this corner.. huhuhu I’ll patiently wait for the day I can freely eat these! For now, self-discipline!!

Lady Cat

And yes, this journal entry isn’t over yet!! Hahaha omg *_* Been typing for almost an hour already…??

I have a quick trivia:

My real / full name is actually Catherine Angela.

DO NOT LAUGH omg i know huhu too saintly ;_;


I dressed up a little bit formal / lady-like for no reason. Moody fashion forever haha


Thrifted dress looks expensive hehe 😛

Cutie Klara watching the guy making pretzels lol

BONITA shoesies are so ;_;


Purikura & bonding time with JL姉ちゃん〜 She’s my beauty consultant lololol

Outfits must be neko-themed that day 😛

While we were strolling around, we saw these cute LDS items for SPRING!! OMG


Disney Store chocolates are the cutest!!

And woops… :))

Take me to Disneyland now please!! ;_; I miss it so bad!

Want to start collecting this too! Vinyl toys, go away.. please go somewhere else far from me or else my pockets would suffer!!


I asked her to smile for me first before I can place the DIY sticker designs on her Baskin Robbins easter egg icecream, haha~


Had a random encounter with these kawaii mascots inside the train! Super lucky haha~

Who said kid-at-heart people like me can’t have a pic too? : )))


Cherry Blossom Afternoons + Kawaii in Every Corner~

I just like making collages. Hehe 🙂

Japan Essay winners will be announced soon! Hihihi ^^ Will be making a special entry for that~

More sakura goodness~

My matcha addiction :))

Made my bike more girly. Haha~

100 yen plastic sakura garland + SWIMMER bike lock!! SWIMMER has everything cute including bike locks..?!

Little Miss Paintbrush’s art ALL OVER my room. <3

Still a bit in a chaos here hehe 😛 Japanese rooms are really small >_<

Now I’m craving for some tuna ugh ;_;

Cardcaptor Sakura <3

“Wish me mell” as the featured character at KIDDYLAND Harajuku.

Guess what I had to take home..? ;_______;

Sakura in every… drink.

100 yen laptop case + SWIMMER pouch bag for my electronics <3

My outside work gear, kawaii-fied. <3


And finally, you’ve reached the end! Haha~ Thanks for reading my musings & loading all the huge photos! 😀


11 thoughts on “Strawberry-picking Time + Neko Neko Kaira + My Sakura Love

  1. Thanks for sharing your life again! You really do keep me going when things are tough. Even just your cute random snaps. But your motivational stuff this time really hit me hard, so maybe I’ll get up tomorrow and change my life. :yay:

  2. Hello!

    thanks for showed us pictures about places, candies, and about every cute thing. That helps you to cheer up our days with color and your positive message. I hope you had a great day every day 🙂

    Don’t give up

  3. Thank you for this very long and pictures-filled post! Your posts never fail to brighten my day (:

    I also had a few bouts of my impatience getting to me for a lot of things back then, but yay for motivational quotes and a strong sensible self (: You can do it!

    And your real name is lovely (:

    You are inspirational. Thank you for being you <3

    With love,

  4. I totally love your perspective 🙂 I too think you can make your dreams come true it’s just about your perspective not about your circumstances. Okay sometimes people’s circumstances are extreme and deserve special allowances to that rule. (It’s hard for me to comment when I’m living in a first World country) but yes…I love those quotes and it’s super nice/refreshing for you to be honest about your ups and downs 🙂

    As a random side note, I’ve been lusting after those cute cat hats now for ages and finally purchased one. I’m going to wear it on Saturday when my boyfriend is back in town…he loves cats! he he

    Your posts are always wonderful, cute, colourful and inspiring…thanks for blogging!

  5. Hi ate Kaila! I just wanna say thank you so much for bringing us, your readers, to Japan (or should I say: bringing Japan to us ((:) through your awesome yet kawaii blog~ ♥

    I always feel like I’m in Japan whenever I visit this blog of yours~

    This entry/blog post is my favorite because I love strawberries as much as you love rainbows and Rilakkuma. :blush3:

    Your real name is lovely and suites you well. ♥

  6. Omg ;A; I just loved that strawberry place! Looked like a lot of fun 🙂 I had to save one of your inspirational quotes, it was so good, thank you <3

  7. I was always wondering why strawberries always appear in shops in the mid winter. Now I know why :cheer: but I prefer the old-fashion way: to wait for summer and be able to pick strawberries from your own garden :yay: :yay:

    Well, you know, maybe you’re not a celebrity blogger, but you’re quite famous, like – if I saw you on the street I would definitely recognize you :nod:

    And for those you are trying to make their dreams come true: it’s good if quotes and stories of other people inspire you, but do not forget that just sitting and reading those won’t give any results – working is the most effective way :nod:

    Don’t give up on your dreams, life is full of opportunities :heart: :pink:

  8. Your room is the cutest thing ever! I like it 😀
    I love your thoughts, I’ve been reading your blog for more than a a year and I think you have a great personality:) Don´t change! You are awesome (and your blog too ;))!


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