Sudden Snow in Tokyo, Microwave Donuts & My Favorite Thai Food

Here was life a few days ago. Random compilation of sorts.

Was about to head out for school when I saw that it was snowing!

Akabane station always so packed during mornings. 満員電車!

My school with snow everywhere, watch out for the slippery bricks!

And more snow when going home >___<

But the view was still amazing, nonetheless.


But the odd thing about this was when tomorrow came, all the snow was gone! It was as if nothing happened. I guess everybody helped in shoveling the snow to welcome March?


Acrylicana x Apparel Dynasty Party Party Pumps

The Sexy Rainbowholic Pumps with the whole package

Got my winged heart from Janine Basil!

Microwave Donuts

Yesterday morning, I was bored so I tried making these microwave donuts! Ingredients from 100 yen shop, Seria.

Remember my post here?

Weird icing though..

I don’t know if this looks delicious or the entire opposite. I need an oven!

Frozen kiwi for snacks.

Thai 昼ご飯!

Went to my favorite Thai restaurant in Kita Urawa for lunch! Super yummmmy!

Tapioca for dessert ; ) yumm!

After that, I just walked around… thinking of things

Coral roses(?) just around the corner! Super beautiful!

More Rilakkuma merchandise cuteness in Lawson




2 thoughts on “Sudden Snow in Tokyo, Microwave Donuts & My Favorite Thai Food

  1. wait, were the donuts yummy? I have been dying to know 😥

    I gasped when I saw the tapioca desert. It’s my favorite! I think I will have to take a trip to my local market to get some + Siopao.

    Hope the weather isn’t too cold for you! :heart:

  2. SNOW~ Oh if only it snows here in the Philippines too…. ;___; *virtually throws snow at you hehehehe loljk jk* Ate you look so cute blinking in ze GIF aww awwww ;____; :heart:

    THOSE SHOES. Would wear them but then I don’t really wear heels because I end up falling everywhere (anoraw)

    DOUGHNUTS!! AND CHEAP ONES!! Omg is it yummyyyy? :(( Penge naman diyan. :> *scratches screen HUHU lol teka parang patay-gutom eh pasensya na…. =)))*



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