Sukajan Shinjuku Shoot Teaser + Super Cute Kawaii Awards + Etc.


For today, I’ll just share some teaser photos and snippets from my daily life. Hope you’re not tired of Sukajan work-related updates yet, haha!

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 2

Justin sent me the first part of our Sukajan shoot more than a week ago. Here’s one of my favorite shots by him! 🙂

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 3

Can’t wait to reveal everything!! <3

Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Tokyo Fashion 1

This is actually what I look when I’m mad :)) Just kidding. I probably look more fierce than this, haha!

Super Cute Kawaii Awards 2015 + Etc.

Yesterday morning as I was checking my instagram, I was notified that I came second place in the “Most Kawaii Person of 2015” category at SCK Awards! Omg, wow! WOW! (and also.. WHAT??)

I didn’t really expect that I would be part of the top 3 (in my opinion, other nominees are wayyy more known than me in social media) so coming second next to Kyary is REALLY a big thing for me! ;_;

To everyone who nominated / voted for me, ありがとう! Thank you so much for believing in me!

super cute kawaii awards kaila

To all the other nominees / winners, congratulations to all of you! 🙂

super cute kawaii awards japan lover me

EXTRA SURPRISE: Japan Lover Me won the third place for the “Favorite Kawaii Blog” category!

kaila food

I celebrated by cooking for myself that day haha. I usually just buy bento during weekdays because I’m almost preoccupied with work 24/7 so giving myself a healthy treat is really a gift. The little things that I appreciate (w/c I also do for myself) lolololol..


Went to 7-eleven earlier and discovered this super cute Lunch Pack featuring Peko-chan! It’s Milky Cream-filled!


Had sushi with my family last weekend! Yum!


I really, really, really LOVE thai food. I hope that I get to visit this country sometime next year!


Visited a Jumble Store branch in Saitama. Kawaii second-hand shoes please!


Usual brunch during weekdays! 🙂


Took photos of these wagara denim jeans for Japan Lover Me Store. It’s going to be our new product line! Please do watch out for it!


I think that I have around 150-200 jeans to take photos of ;_; *Gambare, self!*


My brother was helping me out earlier and we styled this set 🙂

10 random things that happened recently / currently on my mind

  1. I woke up yesterday with eye infection. I think that The Guy Up There wanted me to chill and take a rest from all the stress & work. And I gladly did have a restful time yesterday, hehe. I really looked weird with eye infection :))
  2. Been feeling quite homesick these days. I can’t help but miss my family back home. Been thinking about Nanay (my grandma who passed away last year) almost everyday as well. I talked about it with ChiChi and she consoled me by letting me realize that you can have many places that you can call home. Saitama and Manila are both my homes 🙂
  3. I can’t wait for winter / the “very cold” weather to change into Spring. I’m really excited for Sakura season!
  4. I’ve been disposing a lot of my personal stuff recently. I feel like when I turned 25 this month.. I’ve already outgrown wearing “super kawaii” outfits. My love for kawaii is still growing stronger but my fashion sense / style is toning down as time goes by haha.
  5. I’m so happy to know that “3 idiots” will have a sequel. It’s one of my favorite movies! Haha.
  6. I’m currently watching “Pinnochio” because of Park Shin Hye. She is really one of my favorite Korean actresses!
  7. I’m trying my best to eat healthier food these days. For some reason, end of december – early January = season for Kaila to eat everything + to get lazy in exercising.
  8. It’s February again. Can we please fast forward to February 15 for the discounted chocolates? Lolololol
  9. Thinking about Kawaii Market 2016 planning. I just hope that we get good news this Wednesday, huhu!
  10. I think that I should restart my hiphop abs session with Shaun T soon. Hahaha

<3, カイラ

7 thoughts on “Sukajan Shinjuku Shoot Teaser + Super Cute Kawaii Awards + Etc.

  1. You look so cute in the Sukajan shoot!!!
    I’d heard it was a big thing in East/South-east asia but didn’t think it was THAT well known!!! :O
    I can’t get over it
    OMGGGG #Fangirlmomentlol

  2. Kaila so amazing to hear from you! ♥
    “I’ve already outgrown wearing “super kawaii” outfits. My love for kawaii is still growing stronger but my fashion sense / style is toning down as time goes by haha.” ~ I really hope you don’t stop wearing Kawaii Outfits! T^^^^^^^^^^T As you said many times Kawaii is for everyone (no matter the age , nationality , etc) I’ve always love your fashion & it inspired me a lot! ♥ Please keep up inspiring people with your Kawaii fashion / Personality / Blog because you are amazing! ♥

    ALSO, Congrats for winning that award! You should’ve won the 1ST PLACE! :DD

  3. @Amanda: Hi Amanda-san! Thank you for the congratulatory message! I’m not sure but I’m beginning to love maroon / dark blue / dark green / black tones already :)) Or maybe this is also just a phase? Haha! Nevertheless, I’ll continue my love for kawaii (internally) hahaha! XD

  4. Hello Kaila-chan!!
    It’s one of my favourite movies as well! 😀 It’s very inspiring & funny at the same time! In my excitement that you’ve watched it too,I forgot to wish you congratulations!!! I’m so glad,And I think this is one of the living proof of the movie’s message,”Chase excellence and success will jump behind & follow!” Thank you for always inspiring me! And I agree with Amanda,You should’ve got first! I think KPP is kawaii & I really admire her,But in my opinion,you are more kawaii in every sense! 😀 (‘Who is kawaii girl?’ reference)


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