Summer Days in Boracay + Hobonichi Diary Updates + Tadaima, Japan!

Hello friends!

Omg, it feels so good to blog again! I think I almost took a month-long hiatus from updating this blog. It really felt weird to not share my thoughts and photos for so long! ;_; My internet connection back in the Philippines was really slow so I thought that I should just enjoy every single day I spent there (instead of getting frustrated over my pocket wifi, lol).

So far, I’ve been really into journaling / updating my hobonichi. I like doing something creative with my hands and taking photos of my output later on. If you also keep a diary with you, my dear friend Abbey is conducting a survey about journaling and we would appreciate it so much if you could answer it during your spare time. ^^

Anyway, here’s the complete Boracay #hobonichi series!


We planned this for almost a year or so. I really saved up and prepared for my entire Philippine trip. I was almost scared that I would exceed my budget but huhu I made it! Maybe I should blog about on how to be a cheapo like me, haha!

But before anything else, here’s a fun video that I edited! Smiles and laughs really made our entire trip! ^^

Thank you to my dear friends ChiChi, Kaye, Francis, Ashley and Justin P. for the UNFORGETTABLE week! Let’s all travel again together in the future!


We flew to Kalibo from Manila via AirAsia. We were 4/5 hours early for our flight and to our surprise, AirAsia offered us an earlier flight schedule! And we got Business Class seats. I still don’t know why we got such an amazing luck that day! :))


Another lucky moment for me and my friends was when we got a free dinner (by the beach + live band omg) from Mamita’s Grill at Station 1. We also got to try Parasailing and the famous Boracay submarine.. courtesy of Diamond Watersports. We could have spent a lot of money for the activities / amazing dinner but everything was arranged by Tita Marlene and Tito James (Justin‘s parents).


We actually did not have any itinerary at all.. but we managed to do a lot of activities together (I love how chill my friends are haha). Another memorable moment was when we had a roadtrip to my mother’s hometown (Antique) and we visited Malalison Island in Culasi. Omg, it’s definitely the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!! It even reminded me of the beach / island where Song Song couple from Descendants of the Sun had their shoot (lol, that sudden DOTS reference).


The best part of our trip was.. everything. It’s hard to pick “the best part” when simple mornings with our toasts and unruly hair were also the best. :”)


We will be back, Boracay!


1 month is simply not enough to meet everyone but still very much grateful for these rare days with my family and friends. I will treasure all of our dates forever! ^^

Hello, Japan! I missed you so much!

Being back in Japan only means one thing…

I’m back to work! LOL~


I missed JLM Store work, haha


*first time in a kombini after a month*

*went straight to the snacks section*

*takes a photo*

It me :))



I was in front of my laptop screen for almost the entire day so I decided to bike around while doing errands. These flowers made me stop and take out my phone once again, haha.


It’s always a fun time with these!


Arranged my washi tape collection! Yay~


Went to LoFT and promised myself not to buy anything.. but who am I fooling? It was really an impossible promise to keep, haha!


Will be taking / shooting a video of my hobonichi (April and May) soon + my entire process soon! Hope you guys look forward to the new #hobonichi YT series! ^^

Love, カイラ

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  1. Hi! Always been a lurker but this post is WAYYY too adorable and I just had to comment! I love love love your blog and I love the way you decorate your hobonichi! So cute! I am jealous of your sticker haul haha.

    P.S. And hey, you know Allie and Lando! Apir!



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