Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Lolita at Design Festa Vol. 35

The  post below may contain too much sweetness for the eyes. Please take caution and drink lots of water or at the very least, wear shades!  Haha~


Drastic transformation from this..


I think I am in love with this wig.

DIY ichigo top hat!



I love my pink fur! I bought it at Design Festa as well. It was only 800 yen!!!


Then little ichigo me came as well! : )))

This girl is Ate Claire’s sister’s daughter. Many thought she was my kiddo because of the pink hair! Haha

She was having tantrums at first so it was hard to get photos with her : )))

With the fairies + lol @ the wig : )))

With the Ninja, Sexy Geisha and Pink-haired ball of cuteness…

: )))

Giving out LMP’s postcards which made everyone go “KAWAIIII~~~”  :33:

Party party with Party Baby~ 

Photos courtesy of Mori-san

Her super cute friends


Too much win in this photo : )) So happy to see my friends!  :blush:


5 thoughts on “Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Lolita at Design Festa Vol. 35

  1. Party Baby’s booth :3
    so KAWAII!!!
    love your outit :3
    you look like Jap :3
    I want those LMP postcards *o*
    wish I was there


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