Takashi Murakami Cuteness + Sukajan Lookbook Teaser + Kawaii PH Art Community + Bits of Japan Life

Hi everybody!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy (and really cold… ;_;)!

My friend Carla (one of the girls behind Love, Agnessi) from Manila went to Tokyo and Kat & I showed her around. They are my friends from my university (pre-rainbowholic days, woot!) and being able to catch up with them after so many months = always the best time! 🙂


We visited Takashi Murakami’s ongoing exhibit (The 500 Arhats) at Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills.

I had some errands that day in Roppongi too so it was perfect timing! 🙂


Spotted a random rainbow while walking around! It made me forget about for 3 seconds about the cold weather.


I want to fill up my room with all of theseeee cuties! That smile is just soooo 😀


Bought myself a flower pass case! It took me a lot of thinking time :)) Been trying my best to save up for this year’s travel plans!

Anyway~ here’s a preview of my current desk right now. I like surrounding myself with cute, fluffy, and smiling kawaii characters!

japanlovermestore teaser

Been conceptualizing with Justin about the Sukajan lookbook photoshoots. Yesterday’s first collab shoot was in Shinjuku.

I’m not sure if everybody knows it already but Japan Lover Me Store is my real job (for some reason, this is my #1 FAQ hahaha).

JLM Store was almost 1 year in the making. Once we hit our super goal soon, I will blog about how we started, the bumps along the way (in setting up an e-commerce project), the creative strategies we did, the trials & failures, and so much more.

My number one challenge as the JLM Store project manager / head is..

How do you make people want to save up for an expensive Sukajan jacket??

That was the challenge that was given to me by my brother (real-life boss haha).

Sukajan Kaila

When I first knew about Sukajan, I initially thought that it was too pricey for a jacket (typical price range 150-500 USD). But I realized that there’s a lot more behind these Sukajan jackets. It has history. Some are vintage and are now very rare. I would say that owning a Sukajan jacket is almost like owning a Kimono for collection. It’s not just a piece of jacket, but it’s also art. I would always find myself mesmerized by the details / uniqueness of each Sukajan jacket that I would take photos of. The embroidery is not that simple. How do you even design / sew a jacket with such details and it’s reversible? Japanese craftsmanship is simply impeccable and amazing. I think that these are the coolest and the most badass jackets ever created.

Anyway, enough of Sukajan love, and let’s proceed with the rest of the blog entry, haha!


Happiest time: when your friend gives you a box of your favorite homemade cookies.

Thank you, Love, Agnessi!


Simply joy: Getting to sit with your preferred seating arrangement.

And the sun was lovely outside 🙂


Yakitori with Justin after a long afternoon of taking photos of each other :))

For the love of Sukajan jackets / JLM Store, we braved the very cold weather in Tokyo!



Did you know that this Takashi Murakami plush flower ball costs 16,200,000 JPY?! Omg haha


Cutie socks!


First time to see a matcha cream sandwich from the same maker!! Omg love!!


Sakura postcards are back again! Time to hoard!


Who wants to try Yakisoba with choco sauce & cinnamon?? :)) Hashtag #OMGJapan #OnlyInJapan lolol

Kawaii Philippines’ Art Community + Kawaii Talks by Ashley & Naomi

Just a few days ago, Chichi finally launched “Sining Gang” (been hearing about this from Armaine for so long too) within the kawaii community! Lolol, if you’re a Filipino, you will find this punny (and corny at the same time, lololol).

kawaii ph sining gang

A lighthearted visual arts community that aims to unite and help out artists through the kawaii culture. 

Share your artworks, ask questions, post tutorials, and get acquainted with other artists in this group!

Join Kawaii PH Sining Gang now!

kawaii changed me naomi

Super proud of my fellow Kawaii PH community members / friends! Recently, universities / schools in Manila have been inviting Kawaii PH members to deliver talks about Kawaii culture. Before, we used to just dream about these opportunities / days…. ;_; I’m sooo proud of you Naomi and Ashley!




OKT Survey copy

And lastly, I have a small onegai (favor) I’d like to ask from you, dear Rainbowholic reader!

Ashley & I are currently conducting a survey for our book / future projects.

If you have extra time, please do answer! Your response / feedback will be very helpful!



Thanks for reading my blog!

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Takashi Murakami Cuteness + Sukajan Lookbook Teaser + Kawaii PH Art Community + Bits of Japan Life

  1. All these sukajans are really pretty! I always see you advertise them on snapchat and here! 🙂
    However I can’t keep but wondering, since you walk around them all day long and use them in photoshoots.. Are the ones you wear are the same ones that you sell??

  2. Hi! Thank you for appreciating! As for the shoots, we have to pull-out from inventory to model the stock. Some stocks only have one piece (which means very rare / vintage / from 5-10 yrs ago that were also worn by the previous owner) though we also have designs that have more sizes and stocks. No worries, we treat all of souvenir jackets with care and love and we just wear the jackets to model / show the client how it fits (as they also ask us to show it to them).. but we do not use them for personal / everyday use (usually just for 1-3 hours of shoot). This is also a common practice for vintage shop owners here in Japan where you can see models wearing the vintage store’s clothes for the sake of modeling. Hope that clears up any “confusion”, haha! I have my own souvenir jackets ^^v


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