Tanabata Festival at Tokyo Disneyland! 🎋

Hi everybody!

Aki and I had some time off earlier this month. Last summer, we visited Tokyo Disneysea. This time, we explored around Disneyland during the day!

Dumbo has always been one of my favorite Disney characters (Top 1: Winnie The Pooh) lol ~

It was so delightful to see the newly-renovated “it’s a small world” attraction!

Matcha & chocolate donut from a store at Tokyo station.

Happy to be back home!

Watch the Tokyo Disneyland 35th Happiest Celebration Vlog here.

Do read the video description for more details / recommendations! ^^

It was so pretty to witness the Tanabata festival decorations all over the place!

Tanabata Festival infographic by Chichi for JapanLover.me

Finally had the funds to buy a Dumbo popcorn bucket, lol! I remember wanting to get myself one when I visited Disneyland years ago but I was running out of cash, lol!

Turkey leg is the best!

Throwback blog entry: Tokyo Disneyland Date with Emika as Mike and Sulley!

When in Disneyland, visit the “it’s a small world” attraction!!

Tooo pretty! Cinderella’s carriage popcorn bucket!

Starwars mochi dumplings from Soft Landing!

Sooo yummy!


Disney stationery store tour video soon!

Everything’s cute lol

Second refill! You have to try the soysauce & butter popcorn!!

This is dedication, haha!

Watch: Journal With Me | Tokyo Disneyland + Tanabata Festival | Hobonichi Techo ( ãŧぞæ—Ĩ手åļģ )

Until then, the happiest place on Earth!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photo diary! 🙂

With love, ã‚Ŧã‚ĪãƒĐ

One thought on “Tanabata Festival at Tokyo Disneyland! 🎋

  1. Every thing in this post is so cute! I love the dumbo headband and the tea pot vending machines are an amazing way to make vending machines look cute!


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