Thankful for the biggest and littlest things.

I may be the shallowest person out there but I just couldn’t help but feel extra thankful recently. ;_;

I have to admit though, I’ve had some not-so-good days for the past weeks and I’m really trying my best to be positive all the time. I got so stressed & overwhelmed because of work (=pressure).. and for some reason, I felt SOOOooo homesick. ;_; But after watching this TEDx video about emotional hygiene, I became more aware and in touch with my emotions and I began to dwell less in sad things.

I guess I just have to constantly remind myself everyday of my goals and how to enjoy the entire journey while I’m on my way there. : )

So for today, I will compose a blog entry that is all about appreciation and gratitude. : )


On my way home, I passed by this “illumination” / illuminated area. After a 3-hour work at Cocoon, this sight was definitely refreshing 🙂


Craved for Cloud 9 so much! When I visited the office, I found out that my cousin had a stash of Cloud 9 chocolates. I CRY


Was feeling quite blue that day until I received a lovely package from Love Japan Magazine team.

Thank you so much Emily-san for this physical copy! I will post more about Love Japan Mag next time with some photo snippets of the issue.


My brother kept this letter for sooo long (he forgot to give it to me). This was sent to me by one of  the best supporters of Kawaii Philippines, Ysa of

The letter touched my heart so much. Kawaii PH work may seem all fun and sparkly but it’s also hard work in reality of course! 🙂 Getting appreciated for your efforts = makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

Thank you Ysa for this! I am inspired by your story as well. May we empower more girls in the community with our love for kawaii / Japanese culture!


Thankful for this gem of a friend.. Abbey! It’s so rare to find a friend like this one! Sometimes we’d even finish each other’s sentences, haha!

I can’t wait for more #ABCxRainbowholic travels in the future! 4 seasons in Japan?? Yes please!


Thankful for the Harajuku fridate with Celina!

yummy-pom-pom-purin.jpg pompompurin-cafe.jpg

This is just a teaser of what happened. Our date requires a full-blown blog entry :))


Who would have thought that a 14 year old reader (4/5 yrs ago??) would inspire Kaila this much?? Well, she did!


It was also her dream to go to Japan / Tokyo someday. And now, we still feel like we’re both in a dream.

We actually had a date together in Harajuku! ;_;


So to you fellow cherry blossom / Tokyo dreamer, I assure you, you will also go to Japan someday and experience everything that I am blogging about.

It took many years for me and for Celina.. and I promise, the wait will be worth it all. 🙂


Thank you for crocheting this entire beanie for me. This is one of my most prized possessions 🙂


Such a dreamy day. Imagine going to Harajuku and all these ginkgo leaves are just falling like yellow snowfall? ;_;


God must be watching over me / us that day! It was simply magical!


After my Harajuku date with Celina, I went straight to Shinjuku. I got to watch my bestfriend Leen’s “Puss in Boots” play at Bunka Fashion College. It was a year long work for all the university students and I was just so amazed the entire time. Imagine, a fashion show x play fusion (Paradise Kiss-like)? And they also collaborated with other universities for the orchestra and the professional dancers / gymnasts. I was super blown away and I felt like a proud momma / stage mom when I saw my bestfriend right in front me being her always amazing self! She was the only international student in the entire play and she played the role of a major character!! ;_; #PROUDBESTFRIEND

After the play, we roamed around Bunka for 10-15 minutes or so and reminisced our student days together when we were both learning Nihongo. I am just simply thankful for getting to know this one of a kind woman who have become my rock and family / sister here in Japan. We may not always meet always, but when we do.. it’s as if nothing has ever changed. ;_; I was so happy for Leen that I even cried when we met up together after the play. Always a crybaby during moments when you’re supposed to be happy ;_;

Getting to know her and meeting her parents = the best!

I am so proud of you Leen! 


Illumination in Shinjuku. So romantic!

kawaii ph winter wonderland party03

Super relieved to know that the Kawaii PH Winter Wonderland Year End Party was another success!

kawaii ph winter wonderland party04

To Staple and Perk Bakery, thank you for accommodating us once again!

kawaii ph winter wonderland party06

Look at those smiles 😉

12370729_1031046910249116_3849424245019424663_o (1)

What a wonderful 2015 it was!

Photo from Ciara’s blog entry about Kawaii PH Year End Party <3

kawaii ph winter wonderland party02

This is my kawaii family back in Manila ^^ *hugs everyone*


Thanks for the quick facetime! Haha, I missed you all!!

kawaii ph winter wonderland party

Thank you everyone for all the great job!


Got to meet my friends Laura, Allie and Lando after SOOO many months!


We had lunch / brunch at Sangen-jaya’s famous Pancake mama cafe Voi Voi!


Thank you so much Laura for bring us here! ;___; now I’m craving again!


More about our adventures / meet-up next time! 😉 It needs a separate blog entry (again lolol)


Would like to congratulate my dear kawaii friend / Our Kawaii Tokyo half, Ashley, for the awesome job she did during the Tokyo Extra Youtube livestream!


Little Miss Paintbrush’s drawing got featured!! *happy dance*


Went around Omiya a few days ago and my eyes zoomed in when I saw this little kawaii corner. Those :3 smiles made me smile too haha.

But I got sad after because I wanted to buy some for myself.. but I had to resist the temptation because I need to save :))


That random day when you’re not expecting anything and then Takako Sensei (from the Ikebana class I had with Yukie-san before)… sent me a super sweet package + note.



Could not go out the other day so I’m just so happy to find some Pancit Canton (instant noodles) packs stored in our cabinet. Thank you Tita for this!


Thankful for the times when my friends treat me drinks when I choose to be stingy. XD


After a crazy work morning that involved 4th quarter company accounting, I decided to give myself a Baskin Robbins icecream treat!

Chocomint icecream, yaaay!

(Lolol, have you noticed that I am mostly thankful for all the food that I eat? Hahaha~)


Ticked off from to-do list: La Feet brand relaunch at Japan Lover Me Store last night !!

Super haaaapppy!

Sukajan Skajan Japanese Souvenir Jackets

And lastly, I am just thankful because all the work we’ve done together for the past months about promoting Japanese Sukajan jackets.. it’s all paying off quite well now!

I will blog more about this crazy rollercoaster ride I had as the project leader of JLM Store

Thank you Kaye for the effective social media work across all accounts, ChiChi for the creative ideas and jaw-dropping illustrations, Justin for the photography help work, Gilbert for assisting me and making sure all the packed shipments are in great condition, and Kuya Eric for guiding me all through out!



Simply grateful for everything. The good and the bad. The failed attempts, small victories and big hoorays.

Thank You Guy up there for being with me everyday  🙂

With so much love,


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