The ABCs of Journaling Book Launch + Philippine Souvenir Jacket ??

Hi all! Long time no blog, haha!

Last weekend, I went to Manila to give my full support to my friend Abbey!

I only told a few people about this since it would be really just a super short visit. Man, I arrived at 2AM last Saturday and left the next day.. because #work. *_*

Anyway, The ABCs of Journaling book launch was such a fun & intimate event with her family, friends, readers and supporters. It was my first time to witness this “other side” of Abbey because whenever she’d have a big event / workshop.. I’d miss it because #LDR. ;_; This time, I made sure that Kaila The Stage Friend would be there!

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Summary of what happened, haha!

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Seeing her on stage and listening to her speech.. omg I also teared up. ;_; I told myself.. “Gurrrl, compose thyself!!” But of course, I could not contain it :))

I literally witnessed with my own eyes how she would pour her all to create things and art (she visited me here in Saitama last 2015 & this Spring 2016). You could tell how hands-on she was with all the fun & in-demand booths during the event + how well-prepared everything was!

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Find me!! :))


It’s so funny how most of our realized dreams started as half-hearted statements / jokes. She joked about me being the “sticker artist”. Weeks later, I started to sell stickers / stationery online and I got addicted to stickers more lol.

From sticker artist, to sticker sponsor.. in her own event. Hahhahaha omg


Many thanks to my friends for coming to support her too!

Mica was our Kawaii PH press person that day (thank you, Mica!). I really missed Anne & Chichi as well, huhu!

It feels weird because 2 years ago, Abbey was the one who was supporting me / Kawaii PH during the Kawaii in Manila 2 event. Years later, we’re all there for her. <3


One of the highlights that day: REESE was available (and didn’t have any clashing event / gig sched, yay)! Abbey told me that Reese was booked that day (??) so it was such a pleasant surprise to reunite with her!! Reese is also one my big creative inspirations… if you didn’t know, hehe.


Someday, Reese + ABC + Rainbowholic shall reunite in Japan again!


Abbey invited me to talk about Kawaii Journaling (thanks to the endorsement of Ms. Tippy haha) and omg, #MareGoals achieved!!

Mare = slang term for a female pal (according to google lol)

Will upload the photos of my slides (courtesy of Justin haha) later.


Heart, heart, heart! :))


Many thanks to Aira for all these photos. Thanks Madam ABC for allowing me to use these too haha


With Aira, a junior from my college (I’m ID 107 lololol omg). Go adver yay hihi



Abbey + Reese  = <3


Also, I finally met the GOOGLY GOOEYS family!! Here’s a super cute photo of RILEY omg nakakagigil po siya :((((

Feeling a little bit blaah today? Explore this hashtag: #hälloriley


I never thought there’d be a day I would be signing pages / journals.. still a little bit shocked from last weekend’s event *_*

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Thank you ABC for choosing me to be one of the featured artists!


Team Japan, reunited!


For some reason, we didn’t talk about our outfits but we really matched well together haha!


Talk Show, naitawid po!

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Also, my ~almost~ complete KAWAII PH family was there! KIM1 team members (Kawaii in Manila 1 = before Kawaii PH happened) were all present! So, so, so happy!!!

Hello Armaine, Reese, Anne, Kaye, Chichi, Francis, Mica, Ashley, and Mikee!!

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Thank you Madam ABC for letting our brands participate :”)

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The ultimate #stockhoarder of Kawaii PH Store & Rainbowholic Shop (a.k.a. Stationery QUEEN), Knatt, was also there!! SO HAPPY

Ahhh, Japan na ulit girl!

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Quick sukajan photoshoot outside while Abbey was signing 150++ (??) books haha.

Hello my little sis Celina! I really missed this girl too ;___;

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It’s always a GREAT TIME when I’m with these people! Until we meet again, friends! :”)

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Before I flew back to Japan, Abbey and I met up for lunch to talk about “business” lololol. Thank you for the treat and for this photo with Jollibee hahaha :”)

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Got to spend some quality time with my family too. I really missed my niece, Rio! And my other niece Brianna is getting more and more adorable!!! ;__;


A moment of silence for this one. Never really thought that one of my journal spreads would be part of a published book! *_*


The blooming Madam

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Reading time while waiting for my bus from Narita to Saitama ~

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This free sticker sheet!! *_*

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That kimono ABC girl illustration reminds me of our magical Kyoto x Sakura trip!

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To those who are not in the Philippines, you can buy The ABCs of Journaling book from my shop!



To end this post, let me just share these photos of our FIRST original souvenir jacket design (done by Anne Pinero)! Actualized by Shishumania for Japan Lover Me Store.

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Me: *How to be awkward in modeling* :))

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We have more designs coming your way and we can’t wait to show the photos!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Love, カイラ

2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Journaling Book Launch + Philippine Souvenir Jacket ??

  1. Hi Kaila !
    I think I never sent you a proper message on your blog, maybe sometimes on twitter but it’s not enough for what I have to tell you. I really wanted to express my admiration to you. You trully are an inspiration to me, and it has been for ages ♥ I discovered your blog years ago, and now I’m so happy to follow all your ideas and adventures. You also made me discover Abbey on instagram and she is sooo talented and inspirational I HAD to thank you ! The ABCs of journaling is wonderful,, I’m thinking of ordering it so maybe soooooon kkkk can’t wait. Well.. .That’s it. Continue to be awesome, even if there are bad days, you are very lucky to be able to be this talented and your motivation amazes me ♥


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