The Japan Lover Me Shopping Service

Hello everyone! Before I continue with my work today, I just want to share about the Japan Deputy Shopping Service we are offering now at Japan Lover Me!  :starru:

It is still in BETA mode and most of the time, I am the only staff / team member handling all the requests… (from answering to all inquiries, ordering, shipping, promoting, etc.)…  so patience would be greatly appreciated! :”)

If you’re a past reader, you’d remember the time I still offered my own shopping service here @ Rainbowholic (maybe 2 years ago?). After thinking about it for months, we’ve (our company) decided to give it another shot and equipped with a better system + newly acquired place now. Even though I enjoyed offering shopping service before, I got so stressed because I could not even leave the house for all the pending orders and it was my self-imposed job training. Now, I guess I’ll just do my “best” more and process orders in a better manner, without sacrificing other aspects in life haha (life-work balance :D)!  :happy:



2+ years have passed and we’re still actively doing & experimenting with JLM.

And sometimes, you’ve got to take bigger  (and calculated) risks if you want to continue / make your projects self-sustaining. ^_^


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(Illustrations by ChiChi)

Love, Kaila

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