The Kawaii Philippines Story

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this in the Philippines as well?” Ang saya siguro. (It must be wonderful.)

(this = celebrated kawaii culture)

That line.. that sentence.. that question …

I wanted to do something about that.

I didn’t know exactly how to the magic but through every opportunity and luck that I -forced- the universe to attract myself to..

.. I think that my dream to share the kawaii culture I experience here in Japan with kawaii fans in the Philippines is about to become a reality.

And this is the story of how it all began.

Even though Kawaii Philippines has just started and is not that big yet, I have confidence that our crazy dreams are not impossible.

It’s tough..  it’s hard.. it’s difficult.. (*insert all synonyms haha*)

But with best efforts, I know that these daydreams and brainstorming sessions with the team will come true to life.



(Together, let’s do our very best!)


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