The Little Things in Every Day + Nico Panda at Harajuku + Kawaii Noms at Fujiya Easter Carnival and MORE~

Hello, hello! It’s 1:00 in the morning here (edit: super fail, I fell asleep & I’m actually re-editing this after 3 days! *_*) and I’m still awake even though my body tells me to sleep..  :what: Brain, for once, stop thinking!! Heart, stop worrying! >_<


Anyway.. I thought I should start writing about this post now. Had this in the drafts folder for a week already -_-

Finally, spring has come! I can finally wear more comfortable clothes and I don’t need to pile up so much like before.

I have been waiting patiently for this season to come because winter was really gloomy for me. Seeing flowers, being able to walk more comfortably (without shivering so much), and the like have been such a treat for me.  :333: And I can finally wear my favorite creative socks + flats! No more hassling boots~  :heart:

I went out to take photos for my work. Thought I should pair up this really cute pair of watermelon socks (SPINNS Harajuku) with this heart onepiece!  :heart:

Also recently, I have been dressing up quite special for no.. special reason. I guess the extra effort improves my mood more. I’ve been feeling quite lazy these days (or more like tired?) because of everything that has been going on. But I am happy :”)


Enjoy The Littlest Things

‘Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.’” ― A.A. Milne ♥

A few days ago, I figured I should take some video clips of random stuff and activities that make my day. After you watch the video above, you’ll know how easy I am to be cheered up! :))

I’m actually a very shallow person, sometimes I laugh too much even if the joke is corny or I literally cry when I am super overjoyed. I can cry and laugh at the same time, haha~! That’s a unique talent. Sometimes I even unconsciously clap when I’m laughing! Seriously, I also think that I’m a bit crazy. :))


Going out without having so much plans is one of my favorite things to do. Even though I go out for my current work (which I’d probably explain in a few weeks!), I still try to enjoy it by mixing leisure time. 😀

I am 70% alone most of the time but I do have fun with my solitude. I consider the time for just myself to be one of my favorite activities.  :heart: It’s when I realize a lot of things. It’s when I take it slow, just breathe and be thankful of all the little good things that I experience everyday. You guys, I always look forward to my miso soup mornings =)) Hahaha, crazy girl. That’s Kaila for you! 😛


If you’re following Rainbowholic on FB, you would know that this huge Rilakkuma I have been revisiting for months and months in Kiddyland is finally with me!! The best reward for myself :”)


Love these Kuma & Nomnomnom stickers from Seria  :yay: I decorated my file case with these!

Rilakkuma Be@rbrick keychain for Rilakkaila~


Can I haz everything?!

Super cute, waaaaa~

Taking a rest from all the photography work. I love reading these tourist guide fliers! :))

Scored these two Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia from Shibuya MANDARAKE! 😀

Cardcaptor Sakura really influenced me a lot during my younger years 😀


Left: Random day in Tokyo with a tights-wearing / TV-headed guy.

Right: Wanted this Sakura Roll Cake! Looks so yummy and it’s so cuteeee!

Lucky day @ Shibuya! We <3 Pullip 10th Anniversary Party Exhibition!!


Thank you to Mr. Mitsuo Kano for the very helpful tour! I really enjoyed ogling at these dolls with all the free information about Pullip collaborations! :”)



Angelic Pretty collab! Super pretty omg ;_;



Baby Pullip dolls, anyone?! I want the Cinnamoroll one to match with the gift from Timu & Moriさん!!


Nico Panda Pop Up Shop @ LaForet Harajuku

Around a week or so ago, I visited Harajuku for work again & was lucky enough to experience the first days of Nicopanda @ LaForet! I think my Panda lover friend Leen would LOVE this!!

SO SO SO CUTE! See that huge Panda??

Gacha gacha~


Just wanna hug this huge panda!

I want the cap so much!!

Panda + peace sign :))

Skeletal Panda!!

What i bought <3

Recently, covered a Nicopanda event. Check out their latest article for more store photos!!  :heart:


Photo Dump / Kawaii Spam~

To all those who are obsessed with Kawaii, here’s a spam for you! 😀


Left: Panda or Heart? Super cute mousepads from Village Vanguard Shibuya Parco!

Right: Candies for you..? *blush*

Love these make-up / lifestyle books by fashion icons in Japan. Hope I can produce a Rainbowholic book in Japan too!


As an Advertising management student, I really find this Coke outdoor advertising awesome!!

Speakers to build a  huge coke + LCD tv = really really creative!

Macaron case as your bento! Mecha kawaiii~


So much cuteness I can’t even.. >_<

Sakura Miku Potato Salad Sandwich!

Pastel Rainbowholic Sakura <3

Sakura goodness @ Muji!

My recent DIY project with Sakuraちゃん〜


Random cuteness @ LoFT and Braid Camera strap from Village Vanguard Omiya ~


Fujiya’s Easter Carnival 2013

I was just walking around when I spotted this Fujiya corner in Lumine (Omiya Eki)!!


SERIOUSLY, How can you eat these?? Maybe after 10 photos.. hahaha!

Ichigooooo ;_;

Sakura treats! This is why I love this season ;_;

Kawaii consumerism in Japan. /hands down

Super super kawaii ;_;

And the price isn’t so bad! 300 yen for a super cute dessert! :O



Getting There~

In a week or so, I’m gonna reveal what I have been working on with the most awesome people in the world! :heart:

Hope you guys would support us! Been working on it for almost 3 months straight! :O

Honestly, I have so many things that I want to blog about but there are only 24 hours in a day.. *sigh*

I will “motto gambarimasu” (do my best more) ! Thank you for the sweetest tweets, messages, emails, and everything! I may not reply as soon as I can but I do read those.

Hontou ni arigatou for every support ;_; I am really overwhelmed by every event & I cannot wait to unveil everything that has been happening to me lately ;_; ;_;

Somebody slap me.. I might be dreaming >_<



20 thoughts on “The Little Things in Every Day + Nico Panda at Harajuku + Kawaii Noms at Fujiya Easter Carnival and MORE~

  1. ADORABLE :hihihi:

    I hate consumerism, but all those かわいい things make me want to have them all, ugh… …also you are so lucky to have spring weather, I’m still waiting!

    + the video is really nice and gives a warm feeling, small things are the ones that make us happy indeed. :3:

  2. Thanks for more photospam Kaila!
    You’re not crazy at all. It’s the little things that keep me going, too! The smell of the air after it rains or just seeing some flowers in an unexpected place … You have to appreciate the little things like that especially when there’s nothing big happening to keep going. :nod:

    The little doll dressed as Gloomy Bear was so cute! :loveheart:

  3. Wahhhh! Where to start since this was such a cute and inspiring post :heart:
    Loved your video, I too try to take enjoyment of the little things :nod:
    And those 60s clothes :love: I want too
    Pandaception was pretty epic wouldn’t mind taking that home :cheer:
    And I would totally buy a rainbowholic book. Can’t wait for that 😉
    Thanks for the awesome post as usual. Brightened my day :yay:

  4. Cute cute, lots of lucks with your project Kaila! Keep fighting! lol I’ve been wondering what does all those sakura desserts and cakes taste like? o-o What kind of taste have the ones you’ve tried?

  5. Again so much cute stuff everywhere! :333:
    Today was a short video at the new’s here in Germany about the japanese Hanami and that the sakura are there earlier than normal 🙂 And that spring’s already just around the corner! You’re so lucky there in Japan, here winter’s not gone yer. We even have snow…not much but :sigh: Yeah I’m really looking forward to spring’s coming to Germany too!!! And I just realized during wathing the news…hey…I’ll see Hanami next year! By myself!! :woww:

    Haha this man with the TV-head could be someone who plugs for NicoNicoTV 🙂 I know this TV face well because my favorite band have sometimes little shows on NicoNico^^

    Gnaa and now I’m hungry xD Thanks! I didn’t eat this evening so~ :x: I hope you could enjoy one of these tasty looking cupcakes :yay:

    Kaila, please do not overwork yourself again! Have enough sleep and rest! I’m happy you were lazy the past few days! Being lazy is an important thing during stressful times 😉

    I wonder what your project is you’re working on the past few months :333: :heart:

  6. There are so much cute stuff in Japan! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
    I really love your photospams too.. It’s feel like I’m actually in Japan but I’m not.. Haha xD
    I really love that panda >____<

  7. Hello Kaila! 😀 I saw on facebook that you will featured again in kawaii international, I wanna watch it! hehe 😛 When will they air the episode? 🙂

  8. Waa, I do not even know what it mean to your post, all these things are so beautiful and perfect, the video, his life in Japan, I envy you~in a good way kkkk. I am Brazilian and I love Asia, especially in Korea and I have a big dream of one day being able to make a video like yours, is asking too much for some, for me it is a dream that will come true in the future, just have fun and I spend my time trying to accomplish it. Congratulations and posting the blog and finally .. I’ll be back here soon!

    Forgiveness for the mistakes of English :sweatdrop:

  9. wahhh! so cute i could die! i don’t know how i will be able to do anything in Japan. i will just lay on the ground frozen and consumed with all the kawaii, lmao. :cheer: sakura season looks so cute! everything is so pink :love: i think for all those desserts you will need 10 photos PLUS a video :333:

  10. “I’m actually a very shallow person, sometimes I laugh too much even if the joke is corny or I literally cry when I am super overjoyed. I can cry and laugh at the same time, haha~! That’s a unique talent. Sometimes I even unconsciously clap when I’m laughing! Seriously, I also think that I’m a bit crazy. :))” – kai!!!! we are much the same here… grabeeee… most of the time kahit tapos na ung joke natatawa parin ako hahaha til my cheeks hurt :yay:

    I wanna browse all the meiku-lifestyle books you saw… they all look inspiring..

    grabeee i really wanted to watch Sakura before everyday pero my going-home-schedule wont permit me… masaya na ko makaabot ng 1 episode hahaha

    GO KAAAAAAI!!!! kaya mo yan lahat 😀 fighting!!! <3

    see you soon


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