The Luckiest Day in Harajuku: Meeting Cheesie & Audrey + SWIMMER Shopping HAUL!!!

Before anything else…

Watch and share the video!!

To those who easily assume that I support a “cruel marketing idea” just because I want to buy a puppy rather than adopting, please read this thread. Japan (Saitama in particular) is not similar with other countries/places that have a lot of adoption centers >_<

Let me just quote what Chandra commented, “Buying or dog or adopting shouldn’t matter. at least the dog will be in a loving home.” — WORD!! 

Anyway, I just really want this specific toy poodle as my companion (but I’m also thinking of getting Pepper!!) :O :O :O

I know that 100k views in 2 weeks GOAL is pretty crazy but it wouldn’t hurt trying, right? ^^v

Lucky Lucky Kaila!! (real entry promise)


The power of *law of attraction* works so much that it’s already scaring me (in a good way!!). The Secret is working SOOO freakishly STRONG!!! If only I could spill everything “going” on in my life right now, I definitely would! but let’s just save the details for the main course. Here is just the appetizer of everything!!! ;_; I thank my brother for introducing me “The Secret” during the most down times I had when my first Japanese visa got rejected. Life depresses you for a while but it’s only you who can handle your thoughts by having positivity and optimism.

So yesterday, I had a DAY OFF from work (which is basically just helping out my brother with all of his projects / shipments.. but believe me, I still work as a creative designer haha). I had to go to 6% DOKIDOKI to do some shopping for a client (almost 50,000 JPY worth of items!!). I was so paranoid when I withdrew my money from the bank. Good thing I was in the safest place on Earth so I wouldn’t worry for troublesome snatchers. When I was in the Philippines and still a struggling university student, even if I had just a thousand or so, I make sure my money is evenly distributed in my pockets, wallet, bag’s pockets… socks..  (ok kidding) just in case I’d get snatched when my defense was weak. But that weakened defense only happened once because there was a time when I even scared a snatcher before when I caught him, trolololol.

Precious 6% DOKIDOKI stuff for a client  :blush:

OK back to HARAJUKU (why am I talking about my first-hand snatcher experiences??)–

Since I was already there, I thought I should reward myself with another kawaii shopping haul so I visited LaForet just for SWIMMER!! I’m too poor that I feel other brands like Nile Perch, etc, etc. are still far from my reach (or I am just being so frugal?  -_-;;) Anyway sooo I bought a few stuff from SWIMMER and I contemplated for the longest time if I should buy the most reasonably priced  & most kawaii suitcase/luggage bag I’ve ever seen. At first, I didn’t know it had sizes so I was quite sad because the one on display was too big and heavy. After that, I just went around and I walked back to Harajuku station because I felt like going home early. BUT BUT BUT.. I couldn’t stop thinking of the luggage bag!!! Eventually, I went back to LaForet again for SWIMMER and I finally decided that I could use one for my shopping adventures / shopping service here in Tokyo. I found out that it had medium and small sizes so I was SO DELIGHTED!! I bought the medium-sized one and boy, it never felt so good to walk around Harajuku with a kawaii luggage bag (for shopping!!).

FRESH FROM SWIMMER!! SO CUTE!! Black x Pastel colors  😎


And then I saw this Jeremy Scott-inspired jacket!! Am I a bad fan if I buy this?? It’s 1000x cheaper!!! @_@

I took a break from walking so I went to Lawson to buy food and saw Rilakkuma pan~

Was so surprised when I received a notification that my page was shared by my lovely Tokyo Fashion friends again. Thank you, thank you! It really made my day!!!


Galaxxxy window in LaForet 🙂

I wanted to steal this bunny headpiece!!

Tattoo Tights from Sevens! I love how these are being reasonably cheaper in Harajuku now! I wonder when will lookbook / non-Japanese fashion bloggers will start wearing these tights / stockings..

This photo makes me happy  :heart: Pocky, Pocky, Pocky!!!



And then guess what??? The most random thing HAPPENED TODAY!! I blame it to my SWIMMER luggage bag!! It’s working like a LUCKY CHARM!!!!

 I MET CHEESIE AND AUDREY OMG fjskafjdkfsdkfaasjjff!!!!

I was on my way back to Harajuku eki again and then I saw a pretty gyaru from afar! I knew it was Cheesie because I saw her instagram updates (I’m not a stalker, just a fan haha!). And then another pretty gyaru showed up!!!

I was so so lucky to have met the super cute Audrey (fourfeetnine)!!!!  I even congratulated her for her beautiful wedding ;_; I remember the time when I almost cried watching the CUTEST meme proposal video for her by (her now husband), Tim.


Omg and then just this morning… a reader posted a link of Cheeserland’s newest blog post on Rainbowholic’S FB AND I WAS IN IT! FUUUUUUUUUUU

Many days ago, I tweeted this:


AND I REALLY WENT @_______@ all the time when I got to chat with her and Audrey for 2 minutes!

AND SHE REMEMBERED my Japanese dream entry that was shared by Tokyo Fashion (it went kinda viral, I think?)!!

I couldn’t be happier for Cheesie! She truly deserves all the successes and opportunities she’s been getting here in Japan. Unlike other fashion bloggers out there who just post their looks, you’ll never get tired of reading her funny / witty stories about Japan / her life in general!! I was such a fangirl that I sent her a fanmail last June because of her entry, “Daisuki na Nihon“! And she replied ;_;

Congratulations Cheesie for your blog anniversary! Happy 8 years of cheese!


Swimmer Shopping Haul~!

Here’s my shopping haul for today! SO HAPPY~ :happy:  SHOPPING does really make your stress fade away…

Swimmer~ <3 <3 I love my new headphones!!!

I want to collect every hat that they have!! I will come back again and get the mustache one!!

TOWEL!! Super cuteeeeeeeeee I don’t even want to use it hehehe

Iron-on patch + eyelash curler! THE CUTEST!!!! @_@


I guess that’s all for the updates.. have a great SUNDAY / weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “The Luckiest Day in Harajuku: Meeting Cheesie & Audrey + SWIMMER Shopping HAUL!!!

  1. So cool you got to meet them AND were featured on one of their blogs! :yay:

    I’m sorry if you were attacked with negativity about your dog contest. I’m going to guess that a lot of those people are Americans because puppy mills are SUCH a big problem over here. They just use these poor dogs to make puppies and more puppies and then sell them for lots of money while tons of dogs are left in shelters. Once you hear about this, you really just want to help save all the poor dogs in the shelters so people get very emotional/angry about it. I’m sorry if anyone took that out on you, though. I think it’s great you want a dog but the sad truth is that the poodle will definitely be bought whether you buy it or not but Pepper has a greater chance of being left in the shelter for a very long time.

    But in the end, I hope that you end up with a new fluffy and cute family member :kawaii: but I’m definitely rooting for Pepper, haha 😉

  2. Oh, it’s been a while since my last comment. Ive been so lazy, omg, gomen! But i’ve read every single update, okay? HAHAHA

    I saw you met Cheesie at her blog. I was like: OMG OMG CHEESIE MET KAILA. Yes, exactly that way, I was happy she met you! LOL And then I noticed she said something about a reader and I was like “GIRL, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT RANBOWHOLIC HERE” hahaha i’m so fangirl…

    And I absolutely love Cheesie, I felt so happy you could meet her. I remember that tweet, when you tweeted that I was wondering if you would be able to meet her, I though it must be hard because Tokyo is full of people. Maybe it is just The Secret acting LOL

    I’m so excited about Rainbowholic news, new layout and all the advertising campaign you’ve been doing with your brother. Ganbatte, Kaila!! I wish you the best, always. Brazilian tight hugs on you <3


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