The Making of “Beyond The Cutest Dreams” + The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy + Life Updates

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted an “update”. After a month-long craziness + recovery, here I am! *CUE TEARS* I still have a lot of pending posts to publish and I feel like I need to unload a lot of thoughts these days..  but whatever, I’m just so happy to be back and (attempt to) regain my blogging pace. Hehe! <3 Hope you guys missed my regular updates!

For today’s post, I’ll just share some behind-the-scenes while we working on the book + book launch event and other things I want to promote hehe.

For two straight weeks, ChiChi (book art director) and I (EIC).. worked on finalizing the book. Two weeks after passing the files to our printing partner (Illumina), we finally started organizing the event with the help of Horizon of the Sun Communications, Inc. team (who helped us with sponsors!). It was such a crazy month because I had to pause a lot of pending projects from my real work (Japan Lover Me Store launch, soon!!). It was a real challenge for me because I had to focus 100% of my efforts on this book + book launch combo alone. I had viber phonecalls for breakfast and late night midnight snacks lololol. (⌯꒪͒ ꌂ̇ ꒪͒)


Before anything else, I would like to commend ChiChi / co-creative director for doing a GREAT GREAT JOB! She’s the main / head project leader of the book launch while being the main artist / illustrator / everything. I couldn’t book a flight to Manila to help her out because of my personal obligations here in Japan. It just means that through hard work, dedication and proper communication, you can still accomplish many things even if you and your teammates are miles apart. What I learned throughout the whole experience is that maximizing all given hours within the day = a skill that should be absolutely developed. The time constraint was both a blessing and somewhat a pain (body pain huhuhu my backk) but of course, I think we upgraded as organizers / project managers after this event haha. Maybe this is preparing us for Kawaii in Manila 3? Let’s just see! : )


First time to see the book / actual product! Had to take an instagram-worthy photo of it of course!


How I celebrated in Japan(while reposting #KawaiiPHBook tagged posts the entire day):

Had a strawberry shortcake + apple gelatin dessert (beer packaging huhu) to comfort myself haha

kawaiiphbook 11665506_1617620755188287_9187358484350129211_n 

Adorable fan art by Vanessa of Vanirue / Vanirue Drops! Thank you so much for this illustration + kawaii instagram photo!


Thank you so much to our newest intern at JLM / Japan Lover Me, Marielle! I appreciate all the live updates (photos + videos) during the launch!!


Photos from @deremoe, @candykawaiilover, @_ohmylittlegirl, @apsaqui, @epgonda, @ysabelandrei, @artsyava, @armaineyapyuco, @chichilittle & @uly_019 <3

artsy ava - kawaii ph book 02 artsy ava - kawaii ph book01

You may watch our short TV feature here (courtesy of Chinatown TV). <3

artsy ava - kawaii ph book 03

Kawaii photos from Thank you for the blog entry, Ava!


Reese serenading everyone with her voice <3

1888946_846998782061378_690901591599745713_o 1669825_846991438728779_5756463418669435775_o

Thank you to the amazing people who contributed their time! <3

Kawaii PH Book Team + Contributors + Supporters

ChiChi Romero, Eric Ocampo, Jiro Iida, Anne Piñero, Mikee Yboa, Kaye Romero, Reese Lansangan, Micaela Cruz, Armaine Yapyuco, Ashley Dy, Kat Langomez, Francis Clemente, Justin De Jesus, Gia Canta, Zeon Gomez, Rabin Canuzo, Sig So, Gracie Limsiy, Marielle Villar, Abbey Sy, Claire Ocampo, Anggy Cempaka, Razel Ann Pabalan, Justine Chantelle Abad, Gervin Macey & Kiko Cagayat.

Thank you Seishun Kakumei, Wynona Cabrera, and the entire Kawaii PH Book Launch Team.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors for making #BeyondTheCutestDreams possible!

Arigatou Horizon of the Sun Communications Inc, asian television content, Converse Philippines, All Nippon Airways, SM Megamall, Illumina Digital Printing, Yoshinoya, R Square, The Dimsum Place, Pure Snacks Food house Corporation, and Lucy Pop Japan!

Kawaii PH Book BTS (Chichi & Kaila #LDR lololol)

Sharing some BTS photos of Kawaii PH Book insanity lolol

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.14.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.12.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.12.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.14.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.16.55 PM

Book layout draft monthsss ago 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.16.07 PM

How I give out instructions / doodle ideas hihi <3




And last but not the least for this portion ~

You can now buy Kawaii PH Book from Kawaii.PH/Store (Philippines) & Rainbowholic Shop (International)!


Photo credits: @uly_0919, @apsaqui,, @epgonda, @kicx07 & @psychodolliedeity

Inspirational Lettering Guide Book by ABC

I actually wanted to reserve this part for the ABC x Rainbowholic series on the blog.. but here it is anyway, haha!


The ABCs of Hand Lettering is a comprehensive guidebook for beginners in hand lettering. Inside you’ll find a repository of styles you can explore with drawing letters. Learn the basics – from the rundown of art materials, font styles, and the process of turning letters into visual art. Get to see the work of some of your favorite local letterers, calligraphers and type artists. And lastly, check out tips on finding your own style and making your mark as a creative individual in the book.


The book is priced at P295 and is available in all major bookstores in the Philippines.

You can also buy the e-book from


Many thanks to Kawaii PH intern Armaine for bringing this book with you from Manila! <3


<3 <3 <3


Congratulations, Abbey!! We are so proud of you! : ) *KAMPAI*

EXTRA: Life After #KawaiiPHBook Launch lololol

Kawaii photo spam after May – June craziness yay~


Cutest Disney-themed pastries from Ginza Cozy Corner! Too cute to eat!


Food from our onsen nearby. Gotta love Kaila Obaa-chan days hihi <3



I’ve always wanted to try out my favorite chocolate / iconic Philippine chocolate (??) in a form of a drink mix after seeing an instagram post by a friend (hi Yuko haha)~

It’s so HARD to find this variation (even my closest friends and mom couldn’t find it lololol wtf #KailaRequests)… *_*

Thank you Detective Justin (and Justin’s friend??) for finding this for me!! 😀




Actually, it tastes more like “Milo” than “chocnut”. But it’s ok, I shall keep the packaging for collection purposes lolol.

Hashtag Kaila The Hoarder


Belated happy birthday to my little sis.. not-so-little gay cousin / bro Gilbert! Please finish the cake that I bought for you. It’s expensive. :))

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.32.08 AM

Thank you to my other #OurKawaiiTokyo half, Ashley, for this surprise blog entry about me omg ;_; This entry made me tear up a lot.

I love you ASH!!!!!!!! #KAILASHLEY


Got this kawaii Fuji-san chocolates from my brother’s friend. Of course, I had to take photos of it hehe~ TOO CUTE!!

I’m not sure why I love Mt. Fuji patterns recently haha.




And lastly, I would like to share our last workshop under School of Kawaii  for Kawaii Fund this summer!

dorotee - school of kawaii

Learn the basics of lolita dressmaking with Dorotee Sweetlips / Justine Chantelle! <3


For more info, please check this facebook post. 🙂


I guess that would be all for now~ I am still in the process of collecting my thoughts in an organized way. Hope this blog entry wasn’t that scattered and all over the place. Haha~ :))



7 thoughts on “The Making of “Beyond The Cutest Dreams” + The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy + Life Updates

  1. The more I see about all the love and work that went into this book, the more excited I get! I really can’t wait to get my copy omg! Congrats, hun!

  2. Nakikita ko tlaga sa post na toh yung gaano kayo kapassionate itupad ang mga gusto nyong matupad and that is what I call very beautiful. Why? Because you see how beautiful it is when you already achieved it 🙂

    Cant wait to buy the book online 😀 also ate Abby’s book is really worth it! I learned typography in a very fun way 😀

    Anyways, I’ll keep on supporting you guys 🙂 great job on all of your hardwork and it really paid off!

    More love and Support :3

  3. Otsukaresamadeshita for the successful book launch!! So glad I was able to take part in it and meet so much nice & kawaii people~ I manned the registration booth for a few hours and there was this random couple who was curious of the activities inside so the girl asked her boyfriend if he could buy her a copy hehe <3 and there was also a Mom who went to all the bookstores in Megamall only to find out that the book was only available in our book launch event (she bought one for her daughter who couldn't go to the event~) <3

    Was also able to go to Ate Abbey's book launch and WOW I'm super happy for her and her achievements ;__; Used to follow way back and now she has a book…. People grow so fast….. (what) ;___; <3

    ALSO I wish I was able to sneak in a little present (yung beret mo??) or a letter to Kuya Justin or Armaine before they left… ;__; oh well, I'll go there naman someday OHOHOHOHOHO Ganbatte and take care always, Ate~ <3333


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