♡ The Making of DIY Itasha Volkswagen New Beetle ~Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan~ ♡

Since the video is taking forever to be edited, I figured I should just go with just the photospam itself first~!   :pink:

If you have no idea about this Rainbow car project, you should go here and here first! Or watch the Rainbow ruckus video  :cute2:   :tongue:

When will I ever upgrade to Finalcut or Adobe Premiere?? *lazy Kaila*



My brother’s White New Beetle from months ago…

Looks very plain but still cute! ^^

While my brother was in the Philippines canvasing for reflector sticker sheets (these are super expensive in Japan), I started designing the Itasha car.

One VERY HOT day, I took measurements of the car + tried my best in drawing.

Here is what it looks like with simple / original / not-so-BADASS  wheels + photoshop !

I tried photoshop-ing the design but it was taking a lifetime already so I opted for the pen and paper!

I feel like a real car designer = )))))

I feel so pro naming my drawings “fig. 1” even though I know I should be probably using another term for it. Hahaha~

White New Beetle getting a shower~

Sleazy eyes lol

Please stay like that for a long time! : ))

And then it rained after. TRUE STORY :O :O


This is Rainbowholic’s biggest KAWAII D.I.Y.!! And I didn’t do everything on my own because I had my family and friends to help me out. Thank you Kuya Eric, Ate Claire & Ate JL!!

It took us one whole evening just for that rainbow strip! Still not used to it.. :O

I was the one in-charge of cutting the strips while my brother carefully put the stickers on.

Two nights and sunrises later, we progressed so much!

I wasn’t able to take more “progress photos” but I promise I’ll show you the drastic formation with the video! ^^


From Japan to the WORLD!


We filmed at Harajuku and Shibuya. I was the one taking photos / videos while my brother was driving.

A not-so-sharp photo..  an attempt in panning! 😀

In front of the iconic SHIBUYA 109 building.

There were many on-lookers!!

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to make someone smile~! ^_^

In front of Harajuku Eki at Omotesando Exit.

Photographed by my brother

One of my favorite photos. So nostalgic!

 At Takeshita Dori~

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I reminisce the nights we slaved for this car…

大変だったよ~!It was so hard and I was attacked by mosquitos! I almost cut my own fingers while making the patterns for this! -_-

When lit up, everything glows! 🙂


To those who have cheered us on from the past few months until now, thank you thank you thank you!!! We appreciate it a lot  :heart:

This is just  another start of a super Rainbowholic (domination)! Please do continue to support us in our future projects ^^v

From Japan To The World,

Rainbowholic カイラ

4 thoughts on “♡ The Making of DIY Itasha Volkswagen New Beetle ~Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan~ ♡

  1. Congratulations on this, Kaila! I hope that more awesome things come your way! You’re also quite lucky to have such amazing support from your family and friends! 🙂

    On a slightly non-related note, I’m about to have my own adventure soon! I hope I can count on your support too! 🙂 I will finally put the domain you gave me to good use! Ganbatte!

  2. You are sooo lucky to have a brother like him!
    I hope I have a very supporting brother but Im an only child and its kinda boring.. Haha!
    and.. I really really adore you Kaila! Like, whenever I check your site I feel like Im also at Japan but Im kinda sad cause In reality I aint… T^T
    I hope to meet you someday! :”””>
    and u know, xD we like the same thingss <3 <3
    Take care always Kaila! and God Bless you :** <3

  3. this is such an amazing project Kaila! 😀 It looks so pretty :heart:
    I will do my share to spread the rainbowholic love! ^^ I wear the badge a lot! :heart: :heart: :heart:


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