☆ The Mall Girls by PSC Trinkets ☆

I am so happy to be generously sponsored by Pink Suitcase / PSC Trinkets! I almost cried rainbows when I opened my package from Singapore! Rainbowholic is very very happy~  :happy: Arigatou Karin~  :heart:

This is why I am dedicating a special blog entry just for the products! *preparing for a photoshoot with these*

Handmade with love! *stares at the littlest details*

Carefully packed <3

Rainbow socks uwaaaa *_*



Somebody give me an actual rainbow dress like this. Haha!

Laser cut wooden mall girls~

I love how she personalized each of these! The bow, teddy bear, gem..

If these were edible, I wouldn’t eat these ever hahaha



and what else did I get ..  for free..??

BOW PARADISE huhuhuhu What did I do in my past life to deserve all these..

Gotta love PSC TRINKETS’ packaging <3


Blubber <3


She based two of the mall girl pendants from my two outfits!! Very creative~

Totoro Kaila makes an appearance~


I appreciate packaging that takes a lot of effort <3

Received a handwritten letter as well. Thank you Karin for all of these <3 I loveeeeee everything!

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Karin’s awesome original designs available on Etsy!





Can’t wait to style my future coordinates with these~

And watch out for another GIVEAWAY! 🙂


2 thoughts on “☆ The Mall Girls by PSC Trinkets ☆

  1. all of these are so kawaii *o*
    and you also have your own designs with your own outfits.
    proud of you ate
    really looking forward for your giveaway


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