The Perfect Cloud Skirt for Rainbowholic + End of January

Good evening from Japan~

And long time no #OOTD post! *_* Wow, it’s been so longgg since I posted a fashion-related blog entry!

This is definitely something refreshing~ don’t you think? Hehe!


For today, I am going to review this handmade cloud skirt by a hardworking Etsy seller from Greece, Nimi!

Just want to include some extra info about the kawaii shop owner because I think that Nimi is adorable like her name, hehe!


From her “About Me” page ~

I am the girl who makes everything you see. The master and servant! I love colors and Japanese crazy street styles!!
I come from Athens , but since when I was very young, I always had an interest on other cultures too. I believe in positive energy, freedom, sincerity, dignity ,power of humour happy immaturity! Staying young in mind!
My beloved shop shouts for a colorful and dreamy side of life .
From a forest fairy…to a Harajuku girl, looking for girls with humour and imagination….
Is that you?


Thank you for choosing me Nimi! ^^


This was custom-made for my size and I was so SURPRISED when I got the mail a week later (or so) after I gave her my dimensions. And the package came in perfect condition, as you can see! ^^ I kept the stamps because I collect stamps from other countries, hehe ~

I told Nimi that at the moment, it is still winter-ish in Japan (but signs of Spring are showing, yay!) so my coordinate would be winter-style. But I guess my styling powers today opted for a Spring look!

I’m planing to wear this skirt again when I meet some friends this coming weekend! So excited, yay! <3


Sky on my skirt = perfection


Obviously, this is a work of love! I love the ribbon part at the back as well! : )


Time to go out ~


Little details  :cheer:

IMG_1387_cb IMG_1382

The rainbow clip was DIY-ed by yours truly ^^

This cloud skirt looks amazing to be paired with this kawaii cloud beret by Nimi!


Samantha Thavasa mini bag + CCS touch <3


Selfie with Korilakkuma because I think Korilakkuma and my skirt compliment each other, haha~

If you love cloudy skies like I do, you can purchase it from here! Let’s support kawaii handmade goods! : )


 And FUNKO pop Storm makes an appearance. : ))

 Last Week of January


Highlight of last week was the random snowfall! For about 5 hours, it snowed in our area. It didn’t last very long so Gilbert and I were feeling extra blessed that time! <3

Thank You for letting us enjoy the snow~ after a few hours, it rained and washed the pretty white fluff. :O We were so amazed because it happened so fast, like a dream! *_*

Snow is pretty when it’s falling but when it stays long.. it becomes “mendokusai” or “troublesome”. >_>


Since it was a lovely morning to be surprised by the snow, Gilbert and I drove to our favorite family restaurant, Royal Host! ~ We had our breakfast there! Good times : )


Yukie-san and Kamiyama-san from Lucy Pop Japan sent these bows & omiyage from HK for me and my Kawaii PH girls! They are so thoughtful, huhu!

Thank you for remembering me and Kawaii PH! This kind gesture / thought means a lot! ^^


Haven’t had coffee for weeks and it was a nice comeback at one of my favorite cafes. : )


I guess that would be all for now ~ I’m working on special & photo-heavy blog entries atm! 😀

Arigatou for reading~ : )

Love, Kaila

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