This is why I blog + Tabemono Month @ JapanLover.Me + Etcetera

Good sunshine-y morning from Japan, everyone~!! Ohayou~!  :yay:


Here’s today post before I get on with today’s work! And it’s a Sunday ;_;  :blank:


Been feeling extra cheerful for no special reason so I’m posting this couple photo of me and my Rilakkuma love with sunflowers.

A reader commented that we look like we’re about to get wed lololol. :))


On a different note, I kinda miss my long hair now.. huhu. I had a new haircut a couple of days ago because I’ve been itching for a new look! Might color it with a more brownish shade though..



Around a week ago (I forgot, time always flies fast for me haha).. I received a super tear-jerking package from one of Rainbowholic readers!! OMG!!  😥

I also received a couple of ones before but I forgot to take photos of those *_* Already put it inside the box and had it shipped to Manila … (I’ll tell you guys more about this later!)  :3:


Shipped all the way from France with all the Rilakkuma stickers! I was shaking when I was opening it.. no joke *_*

OMG, this is just ;_______;

Somebody drew me with Chocnut (my toy poodle who resides in Philippines lol), Rainbowholic kuruma-chan, and Rilakkuma!!

Based on my Kawaii Leaders Day 1 outfit.


How detailed!! Heloise-san, thank you so much for this! I need to frame this!! :O

Thank you for being you.” is the best compliment I have ever received.  😥

.. You made me think that my kawaii dreams were possible and you are one of the persons who’ve made me want not to just to go to Japan someday, but to live there and accomplish something in the land of my dreams.

;_____________;  :blank:

AND GUYS, Heloise-san is really going to Japan this summer!!!

OMG!! To be able to influence people in such way, wow.. I have to admit.. that’s just the greatest feeling ever. It feels like all my sleepless nights just to arrange photos and blog about random stuff are super WORTH it. Rainbowholic blog, you need a hug. Hahaha! 😀

(alsssso.. you know what guys, I really want to meet all of you one day huhuhu. Someday, someday.. hopefully it will be possible! ;_; )

Awwww  ;_;


Awkward pose in front of our apato.. hahahaha. But ureshisugiru da yo! (Too happy!)

I’m a Pocky box collector and these are (I believe), French-style Pocky?? :O

Super super super thank you Heloiseちゃん! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ;_;


Arigatou for the red bow as well. I love it!! Totoro loves it!  :heart:


And you too.. yes, the one reading this right now, someday, you will go to Japan too and see everything I’ve blogged about in your own eyes.


(Gambare ba, dekiru yo = If you do your best, you can do it!)

Oishii Tabemono Month @ Japan Lover Me

After our very successful Studio Ghibli Month in Japan Lover Me, we (me, Mishie, ChiChi) have decided that July will be about JAPANESE NOMS!!

Art by Little Miss Paintbrush  :yay:


COOL-with stickers

Tabemono Month @ Cool Japan Lover Me

Photo by Justin | Sparkles and ~stickers~ soon to be uploaded in our goodies section!

KAWAII-with stickers

Tabemono Month @ Kawaii Japan Lover Me

Photo by Justin

OTAKUwith stickers

Tabemono Month @ Otaku Japan Lover Me


Also, we have exciting ongoing giveaways!! We finally reached our 150k JapanLovers goal!!! :O


Click to join!


Click to join!


Click to join!

Kawaii in Manila Updates

As you guys probably know already, I’ll be back in Manila again for a longer time (around 4-5 months) because I need to arrange my driving stuff + Kawaii-related events I’ll be producing with my Kawaii Lovin’ friends! Initially, my purpose for a longer Manila vacation was just to kill time (and look for more collaborators, *wink* *wink*).. but since I’m already there, why not make my stay more meaningful? I think that’s my forever goal in life.. everything has to be meaningful, haha!

We haven’t launched our website yet but I just want to let you guys know (especially my Filipino readers) that we are working very hard for the Kawaii in Manila workshop project (i love my team)! For the September event, since it’s going to be an ~intimate~ day, we can only cater and share our Kawaii love to 15-20 girls!! So if you want to be part of it (girls, start saving now!), be on stand-by mode for updates!  :star: Ok? Ok!! Haha~  :3:

Also, we’ll be launching our first giveaway (OPEN WORLDWIDE) soon!!

kawaii in manila

Only 5 girls can have these customized bag tags! 🙂 More giveaway goodies here! Sponsored by Rainbowholic & Tiara!  :star:


Okay, I’ve got to run now~ so many things to do today! Wish me luck and please send me more energy.. phew :O


7 thoughts on “This is why I blog + Tabemono Month @ JapanLover.Me + Etcetera

  1. :yehey: Good morning Kaila~!

    So happy for you that you’re you too 😀 You also inspire me in many ways!

    Tabemono is such an awesome theme :love: I think I will get fat this month LOLOLOL

    I will only be in Manila for a few days in August ;_; I’m sure your Kawaii event will be a success! Lots of :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: and power to you and your team!

    With love,

  2. I love reading you updates ;V; they always inspire me so much! I feel like I wanna reach my dreams, but at the same time your world seems so distant and amazing and everything I´ve ever dreamt of that it seems very…… unreachable ;v; I wanna meet you also one day sweetie, thank you for the encouragement and good luck with your Manila project! :yay:

  3. o-omg I just woke up and saw this post, I CRIED T___T
    I’m really happy that you liked my package and that I’ve been able to cheer you up a little, like you did (a lot) for me those times!
    I’m leaving for Paris today (but I only take the plane to Tokyo on the 13th) and this is the best thing I could ever imagine to “power me up” just before the most awesome trip of my life huhu T__T !! Thank you so much Kaila (again haha) I’m so moved, and seeing my photo with you feel like I’m a little with you ;___; I’ve read your blog for so long and reading this post and watching those photos seems so unreal now! I really hope I will be able to meet you one day, I kinda feel like it would be wonderful to just sit with you in a kawaii cafe and talk for hours about life and dreams haha =’)
    I’m really happy <3
    Have a great time in Manila, Kawaii in Manila sounds like another wonderful project (=^__^=) Ganbatte ne!! Keep rocking girl hehe :DDD

  4. Hello Ate Kaila! I’m way too excited for the Kawaii in Manila launch! I’ve been a hunter of kawaii stuff here in Rizal and Manila as well, and blog about them. Hihi. Hopefully I could be included to those 15-20 lucky girls in the September event. Kyaaaaaa! Thank you Ate. Hihihi. And you’re such a sweetie to your readers! :heart: :yay: :yehey: :blush:

  5. We have Mikado in the UK too, I think it’s just a European/Western version of usual Pocky 🙂 the Daim one is the best! <3 keep up the hard work Kaila, we're rooting for you!

  6. oh my goodness, you are such an inspiration! I’m glad you get such cute love from fans 🙂 Good luck for your kawaii in Manila!!!

  7. I just found this website!:) You are so cute and all of this site is cute. I really wish we had more cute things in my country. Someday I want to visit Japan. That’s my dream, but a the moment I’m a little bit broke. 😛
    Thank you for your cute blog(bookmarked) I will visit it often now. 😉
    Greetings ^_^


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