Today was a fairytale!

Forgive the cheesy title (stolen from Taylor Swift’s song, haha) but it’s just the perfect description of my disneyland date with Leen <3

We’ve been planning this special day together for months so imagine our excitement!!

I’ve been busy with work and she’s busy with fashion school …  😥

Since it’s very rare to meet up with each other again, we decided to dress up and become schoolgirls!

I wanted to wear just the Minnie tattoo tights but the weather is sooooo cold now. My feet would’ve turned purple if I didn’t wear thick socks earlier!


Had to leave early  because I had to be in Tokyo station by 8:30 am. Disneyland opens at 9:00 AM. There were a lot of people already when we got there -_-


I finally used my Japanese highschooler bag! It’s a special collaboration between ONE PIECE X HELLO KITTY <3

Leen’s kawaii nails  :heart:

Enjoy the rest of the teaser photos of my big Disneyland blog entry soon~  :hihi:




Kaila and Leen cutting classes, haha~


3-eyed Kaila! Hi Mike!

Turkey leg, oishikatta~

PLUS Tinkerbell tea hahaha :))


Our Minnie, Leen!


So, so, so much fun.

Chandelier in Cinderella’s castle…

Carousel rides  :yay:

Stay tuned for more photos & stories! KAWAII DISNEY SPAMMMMM~!!


10 thoughts on “Today was a fairytale!

  1. I want to go there! 😥
    It looks like a fairytail! :heart:
    Looking forward for next year, maybe I can go to this Disneyland!!! :yay:

  2. i was into japanese pop culture for more than 4 years and i’ve only found ur website a week ago.. i wished i found it a long time ago. I can’t believe ur livng my former dream..I wanted to move to Japan. i’ve been to Japan twice but it’s nothing compare to living there. It’s crazy…..

    i like ur style.. it’s really cute. And u and ur friends are cute too.. ^_^


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