Tokyo Disneyland Date with Emika as Mike and Sulley!

Konbanwa, everyone~!  :yay:

Here’s the promised Disneyland blog entry with Emika-chan  :yay:

Since I’m a bit sleepy now, I hope you guys will enjoy my short notes in between~ hehe! <3


Hmmm..  :hihihi:

The last time I went to Disneyland with a friend.. it was with Leen (and we will meet tomorrow~ yay!!) last November 2012!

And we cut classes on that day. Heehee~

Watch our video here…?

We actually planned this Disneyland date waaaay waayyyy back but we were so busy ;_;

If you’re an old reader of mine, you’ll definitely notice how much Emika and I “grew up” :))) I can’t even look at our 14 yr. old photos, Emika-chan :))))

Since every Disneyland day is a special day, I brought everything with me.

Camera for the video, extra batt for the iPhone, fisheye lens, polaroid and rainbow films.. and even the pens guys. :-))

I am the most prepared girl scout ever lol

Got to revisit Pooh’s corner again. For your (not really needed) info, my favorite Disney character is not a princess nor a prince or whatever..

It’s the half-naked Pooh lolololol…

ANYWAYYYY enough of triva and intro text / photos :)))


Let me now show you the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland once again~!

Magical, Magical World

Japan Lover Me has a travel guide for Tokyo Disney Sea (Tokyo Disneyland entry is still not published).

Check these out if you want to maximize your stay! 🙂

You know what I love about Tokyo Disneyland?

It’s a place where anyone can become and feel like a wide-eyed child again! I’ve been to Hongkong Disneyland before and the vibe… is just way too different.

There is something fresh about Tokyo Disneyland every now and then that makes me want to come back again and again!

Thank you Bodyline Sale, for my 300 yen tights. :-))


Emika x John Lennon x Mike :))


Hi guys I’m 22 and feeling young forever haha

Wishes during the Tanabata festival. I love how they mixed Japanese traditions in Disneyland!!

Expensive stuff huhu

Always a pleasure to hear good music in random places. <3



Mike, why you eat yourself…

Sulley the adorable fluffy ball~





I want to go back again ;_;




LOL @ my face :)))


I wanted this Pooh umbrella huhu

Emika’s paradise.. :))

You wouldn’t even think that Disney would get Star Wars.. :)))

Emika was bouncing all over the place because of her “boyfriend” Buzz :))))

Funniest toy set ever lol. Go BUZZes

Thank you to the kind obaa-chan for this shashin / photo~


Cutest iPhone cases! I love the purple x apple green color combination! 😀

Little Green Dumplings


Basically we were eating half of the time… because of me and my perpetual state of hunger.


Enji’s COOL / KAKKOII piece for the collaboration. But this one is a discontinued piece huhuhuhu ;_;

Thank you to the person who took photos of us.

I’m 4 years older than Emika (I think??? :)) ) and she’s taller than me. I dunno, just wanted to point that out for no reason :))

(huhuhu i want height)



Toys toys toys everywhere

The super lucky rainbow films that were perfect for our coordinates!


Also brought the paris keychain that was sent by a Rainbowholic reader (hi Heloise-chan!)!!


Cutest coffe mugs ever

Okay I love the backpack :))



I’ll miss you huhuhuhuhuhu

Being silly together~


Been telling Emika about the turkey leg we had to try!!

Super hungry lol

Not so girly :))

The happiest place on Earth!!! Seriously ;_;

Someday, I will stay in the Disney Resort!!! huhuhu that would be such a dream come true! ;_;

Our Mickey-shaped burger meal!!


We had to document everything we did lololol


Please don’t flirt with Pooh.. ;_;


We tried out the dizzy teacup something ride :)))

It was super fun :)) We were like crazy kids ! :)))



Never too old for the carousel~

And lantern parade time!!! <3

Gotta love our twin look here :)))


LOL we were more childish than the actual kids :)))


This is how you enjoy Disneyland: take lots of photos of your unleashed craziness :)))

Awwww… so romanchikku~ lol!

Tried out the Star Tours ride!

It was sooooo good! :”)

Just because of the rainbows.. *snap*

Cute underwear! 😀

And pretty Disneyland at night~

We didn’t want to go home but we had to. ;_;


I wish I could go back again during December or on my birthday next year! :)) Major advanced planning hahaha~

Hope you enjoy the Disney spam!


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland Date with Emika as Mike and Sulley!

  1. *_* Japan always one-up on cuteness! It’s way cuter than the one here. I love all of the Monsters University items! It was a great movie.
    That little green dumpling, toooo cute I just can’t stop looking at it!

  2. ahhh, so many photos, so awesome 🙂 I love tokyo disneyland! I always chicken out taking photos inside shops, I need to steal some of your confidence 😛 Your shirts you guys got were super cute!! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  3. I just came back from my first visit to Tokyo! :yay:
    However when I went to Tokyo Disney it was raining so much, it was difficult to do anything- Although we did manage to grab some of the delicious food while we were taking cover! The little green dumplings were so tasty :nod: I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully next time I’ll be there for a little longer, working as a Disney Princess! That’s my dream, anyway… :hihi:
    I’m such a fan of your blog, and you helped me look for some :kawaii: places to go while I was there! I hope to live in Tokyo too, and you’re such a style icon for me! You’re so lucky! :heart:

  4. :yay: Ahhhhhh!!!! I want to go Tokyo Disney.I plan to go next year.I’m very excited.
    :love: Ohhh I love mickey :heart: I love disney :heart: andI love japan :heart:
    I like the pictures you :kawaii:
    I will follow you always 😉

    Thanks for the picture :blush:
    see you :kiss:

    BYE BYE :cheer:

  5. I have that same Paris keychain!!! Hehehe. ANYHOW. I’m soooo jealous that you were able to go to Tokyo Disneyland!! It looks so great! The castle looks beautiful too!! Star Tours is definitely a great ride! 🙂 The tea cup ride looks a little different than the one here at Disneyland. OMG, the lantern parade looks SOOO nice!!!


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