TOKYO MODE GAKUEN + 8 Levels of Icecream?! + Panda Cafe + A Stroll in KOENJI

おはようございまーす! Good morning from Japan, everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank every participant of the recently concluded Rainbowholic’s Big Blog Giveaway for January! I’ve picked some winners already (of course, via and I would most probably announce the results within the week *crosses fingers*! Hope you guys will look forward to it. I was very surprised and happy for all the effort ;____: And man, 4500+ entries on rafflecopter! :O

Anyway, I think that this will be a heavy post with lotsa photos and texts / thoughts! For some reason, I woke up with so many things to share in mind. *_*

(Before anything else, let us take a moment to appreciate the creativity of MODE’s course guide. @.@ )

Last week, my brother and I had a chance to go to Shinjuku and drop by TOKYO MODE GAKUEN (the prettiest “Cocoon” Tower in Shinjuku that houses the most creative Japanese catterpillarsbutterflieswtf? students) and asked for some details regarding the 2014 enrollment.

In my previous posts, I wrote about my rekindled graphic design dream and visit @ Tokyo Designer Gakuin College.

After that, I actually got lots of comments (especially from close friends and family) and they were a bit confused why I would still want to study something that I already know of or have been self-studying for almost a decade already (since 13/14). I already graduated with a degree in Advertising Mgt. (4 years) + my love for webdesign is actualized in my semi-interactive Rainnbowholic  blog + I have experience for website creation / webdesign from all the projects I did for myself + our mini company here.. The “why-it’s-a-waste-of-money-and-time-and-you’re-probably-just-bored” list is quite long as the term itself (…lol) but I really feel that this is what my heart desires. I want to get into this creative hub so much that even the JLPT N2-like test doesn’t discourage me at all. Let’s say, my attitude right now is composed of: I’m 50% nervous & 50% “oh to hell with it, this is what I’d love to do!”.. At the end of the day, optimism still wins over me.

Moreover, one of my main reasons why  I’m really pushing for this crazy (and super expensive huhu) dream is to be able to study, feel and immerse myself with the Japanese/Wa-style of designing works / projects on my own. I don’t know if my readers know this but even though I’ve already studied and graduated from a language school before, I still suck at Japanese. I can understand a conversation (around 70%?) but my speaking skills are such a fail. I only have a few Japanese friends (and they talk to me in English huhu) and I’d love to make more friends & build my own network of creative tomodachis here in Japan. Alsoo.. even though this may sound crazy to some, but I really want to push myself to the limits wherein I would feel like I would give up in any minute. Creative work-wise, I want to feel uncomfortable and challenged at the same time. I believe that when a person is being challenged, there is a big room of improvement and he/she becomes better each time! : )

Anyway, I will do my best and do everything I can to enroll and support myself for the schooling. Hopefully my current project right now will pull off and skyrocket! Gambarimasu mode x 10000% yayayay~


Pastel Heaven Icecream & My 300 Yen Sunflower Yellow Shoes

Last Saturday, I had a whole day with my friend Leen and we visited so many places! The last time we saw each other was last year… and as schoolgirls in Tokyo Disneyland. *_*

Meeting a friend after a long time is really one of the best feelings in the world. I learned to appreciate this because once I started working / living here in Japan, I basically had a long-distance relationship with every friend I had in Manila. It is a struggle, I tell you. My friends in language school and I also separated our ways so everyone is just so busy.. ;_; That’s why if you have  your friends with you right now in school.. you must enjoy every minute with them. Once you step out of school and “real life” happens (a.k.a. work), only a few will stay and keep in touch. : ) *pieces of advice for my little sister readers, haha*

Anywayyyy~ let’s start with the awesome day narration, shall we? ^^

It was such a perfect cool & sunny day. Finally got to wear my sunflower yellow shoes (which I got for 300 yen from a thrift shop) + purple knit sweater! <3

With dainty small pearls~


Leen and I decided to meet up at Shinjuku Eki at 9:00 am so we can start with catching up early. Haha~

I arrived a bit early so I went to the magazine corner in Shinjuku station 😛

I hope there will come a day when I wouldn’t feel guilty buying new magazines haha. *forever cheap*


We first went to Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway reminds me of the first time I met my Tokyo Fashion team / family ;_;

Leen wanted to go to a cheap fabric store located at the basement..

If only I weren’t saving up, I would bring everything home and make fluffy skirts out of these.

That Rilakkuma fabric *_* + PEKOちゃん!!!

Cute mustache!  :pink:

Leen brought her own Moshi Moshi Tokyo by Kyary book with her and coincidentally… our feet brought us to Dairy Chiko (apparently a famous place *_*)!!



We ordered the biggest one and shared it like sisters haha :3

Super happy like kindergarten kids with all the icecream! ..and we camwhored like 100000 times =))

This is the landmark. Still located at the basement level of Nakano Broadway 🙂

Pastel lovin’ day~


A random photo of me holding hands with Peko : ))


Panda Cafe @ Asagaya, Tokyo

After lots of talking and window shopping at Nakano, using the Chuo line.. we went to our next stop: Asagaya!



We met some pandas that day. ;_;


Probably one of the cutest themed cafes I’ve ever been to!


Coming there really inspired me to setup my own dream Rainbowholic Cafe! : ) Someday, guys!

Ordered this 1000 yen omurice that was super delicious!

You have to go with an empty tummy, seriously *_*

Panda telephone :O

Such a small yet cozy cafe. Imagine reading a book here during Spring time.. then a hot cup of cafe latte with Panda art..

That would be such a perfect day.

After an hour or so spazzing over cute panda merchandise and talking about how much time flies + how we were destined to be close friends..

we had to wave goodbye to this Panda huhuhuhu ;_;

Panda mailbox..  :yay:

Byebye, Asagaya!


Walking Around Koenji

We used the Chuo line to go to our final destination for the day: KOENJI!

I already visited Koenji before and you can read about my first impressions of my place here (more of a photospam, actually).

Super perfect day for strolling with a friend!

I think I’ll be waving goodbye to fuwa fuwa socks after a few weeks when Spring officially comes!

Cheap hair accessories at Koenji DAISO

Gotta love the strawberry sweater! *_*

I love the artsy vibe of this community.



What’s your favorite pair..? 😀

Second-hand clothes that cost so much *_*


Official Creamy Mami shoes y’all

Rilakkuma corner @ KOENJI Village Vanguard

Ate for the last time @ Mister Donut. A heart-shaped donut for me  :heart:

I don’t know why I take photos of sweets and chocolates..

I just love Japanese-style of packaging! *_*


Purikura time, yayayay!

Thank you so much for the awesome day, Leen! Until the next time, when we go strawberry picking during Spring? Heehee  :blush:

Random Daily Moments

Can’t get enough of Rilakkuma ;_; This must be some sort of sickness huhuhuhu. KAILA SAVE KAILA SAVE KAILA SAVE MONEY ;_;

Found these Rilakkuma-themed chocolate for Valentine’s at LoFT! Huhuhu I want everything


Cherry Blossoms, matteruyo~

Inu or neko? :3 These are just the cutest postcards!

Hello Kitty chocolates~

New rainbowholic gear for workout! :))

Brainstorming session with myself with salmon salad! SO YUMMY HUHUHU

I was so surprised that the Totoro bed went super viral on tumblr *_* wtf guys it’s almost 50k notes???


Anyway, that would be all! I think I spent around 2 hours finishing this entry :O :O :O

Have a great day ahead, 皆ちゃん!


11 thoughts on “TOKYO MODE GAKUEN + 8 Levels of Icecream?! + Panda Cafe + A Stroll in KOENJI

  1. I adore all your super-kawaii adventures! All the kawaii stuff just sitting there when it’s so hard to get in Scotland! I love, the Hello kitty nerd glasses, I’m going to order some very soon! Someday, I’ll move to Tokyo have my own adventures! Until then, I can’t wait for our interview!

  2. :woww: The panda themed cafe is sooooo cute!
    And ahhh, my tummy rumbled when I seen that donut.
    I’ve been craving donuts lately.

  3. Ganbatte on your dreams, Ate!! Always here to support you wooo~~ *confetti*

    Ang cute ng panda cafe tapos ang cool ng ice cream PASTEL ICE CREAM AHHHHH baka di ko yan makakain ;A;

    The cheap fabrics……….. May fungi thingo from Touch Detective AHHH MY LIFE 😥 :heart: And the store filled with hair accessories from Daiso omg TAKE MY MONEY!!!! joke 🙁 The second-hand clothes are cute and the Creamy Mami shoes omg I honestly don’t know who Creamy Mami is but those shoes are adorable. Reminds me of your “rainbowholic shoes” you bought from Omiya dati (Omiya diba………..)

    Ahhh kapag andiyan na ako baka kulang pa 2 weeks sa akin HUHU And whatda 50K???? hardcore pls oh and ganbatte sa Mirana Kerr (sp?) workout woooo sexy ka na kaya :>

  4. Cute blog! I came here from Cute in Korea, but now I know so many more cute places to check out in Tokyo. :cheer: and your DIY’s are so cool, thank you!

    Good luck with art school~ I’m going to art school in Japan now, It’s a lot of work but fun

  5. First of all, I really think you have to do what you feel you wanna do. Like, it doesn’t matter if you already have a good experience and knowledge about graphic design and webdesign and related stuff in this area. I studied Graphic Design too and now i’m working as a webdesigner assistant, and I always want to learn more. For me, any kind of resource or help to get more knowledge in the area, will agregate my skills too. All the learning is valid.
    Anyway, I love all your pics and i guess you already know your blog is a big inspiration for me. I wanna be able to go to South Korea and Japan one day and visit all these wonderfull places that you visited too.
    Keep your awesome work!

    Kissu ~

  6. Hi! I would like to enrol into Mode Gakuen to study fashion but i have no info about the course and the school. Can you perhaps give me some comments and reviews about eh fashion design course there? I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you! Lovely post!


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