A Date with Pikachu at Tokyo Pokemon Center + Harajuku’s Double Tall Coffee Art Cafe + First Sakura Bloom!

Okay Rainbowholic readers, prepare yourselves for a kawaii overload post!  :heart:

I woke up quite early today.. and I was already out in the sun at 9:00 AM! Actually, the sun was hiding, hahaha. :cutee: The rain could not even stop a (mis)adventurer like me!  :star:

If you were following my twitter, you would know that I was having difficulty where to go today! I had so many to-go places in my mind! Doraemon museum, Artsy Shimokitazawa (wanna hunt good stuff from their resale shops), Ghibli (Spirited Away, anyone?!) museum, etc..! There are just too many good places in Tokyo alone and this fact always makes me confused during weekends (only applicable when I have money saved, hehe).


ANYHOOOOOOOO since today was raining, I figured I should just go and wander somewhere easy to find. Unexpectedly, I had a date with Pikachu & Charmander!!  😎

Pokemon Center Tokyo banner at Hamamatsucho Station. Ride the Yamanote Line and you won’t get lost!


It felt a bit nostalgic to see that there are 1000000000+ new pocket monsters.

I remember memorizing the original 152 pokemon better than my multiplication table.

Pikachu x Tokyo Tower

Who are these and why do they exist


Lol for some reason, Pokeballs remind me of ring boxes = )) It would be so cool & geeky if somebody proposes with a pokeball.. :))

Underwear geekiness

Couple Pikachus



Pikachu Cookie Shaper!!

For your bento~



Of course.


If you think that Pikachu is cute…



then what is this..??

OMG A REAL PIKACHU HUHUHUHU I was so nervous when I was taking a picture of this cutest moment!

Good thing his/her mommy was somewhere! /scared of Japanese moms





Catch ’em all!


Charmander for Me!

Nurse Joy’s = ))


I was a huge fan of Pokemon before that I had Pokemon cards like these! Didn’t know how to play though…

I was lost in a sea of children! : ))))


Harajuku, 行こう!

After an hour or so in Hamamatsucho, I went directly to my favorite place in Japan, HARAJUKU!  :heart:


Lady in the yellow dress 😉

Love the art. I want my own studio x room with such awesomeness!!

The most random thing ever at SPINNS HARAJUKU.


Amazing iPhone neon jelly of assortments cases in LA FORET!

Alice and the Pirates dress display <3 <3

A Sweet Coffee Break at Double Tall Cafe in Harajuku


Skipped lunch and tried out Double Tall in the Omotesando Area!

Fourth customer in line. Practicing patience ^^v

Got so jealous of Kira-san’s coffee art photos for Cafe Master!

I ordered the Cake set! Waiting for my seat was sooooo worth ittttt! The Japanese were looking at me because I kept on taking photos.. haha.

Hiphop absssss


My happy self enjoying a rainy day in a Cafe <3

There is something misplaced in this photo : ))

Yup, this cafe is definitely in Harajuku! : ))

Planning life with chocolate cake & cafe latte~


Bambina for Spring!



I don’t like crocs-style shoes but a bow addition always makes a difference!!


Spring shoes at the left with all the pastel colors~

And polkies at the right! #WANT #WANT #WANT

First Cherry Blossom Hint in Saitama!

As I was walking home…


A lovely cherry blossom tree has captured my EYE! Seriously, the day just couldn’t get better!!



Can’t wait for Japan to be covered in a Sakura beauty!  :heart:

Leopard Print Stuffed Toy (Jeremy Scott x Adidas-inspired) Sneaks + ETC  ♥

Finally bought this pair of Leopard head sneaks from BURLESQ, HARAJUKU!

Actually, I went to Harajuku just to buy the caramel bear-head sneaks but THEY WERE SOLD OUT OMG WHY WORLD WHY

Stuff from Pokemon Center <3

Cutest bone ring from SPINNS HARAJUKU + Rainbowholic’s newest favorite glasses, printed Hello Kitty glasses!

I have about 5 of these now. Haha!


My dress was disappearing from the Purikura photos! It was too bright I guess? : )))

And I shall stop from shopping now.. + the sweets = ))


Hope you enjoyed my Saturday date report,

カイラ   :heart:

13 thoughts on “A Date with Pikachu at Tokyo Pokemon Center + Harajuku’s Double Tall Coffee Art Cafe + First Sakura Bloom!

  1. Ghibli museum aaaaa want!!!!
    Please, go there and take maaaany photos because I can’t go there hahaha

    Very interesting post. I like your “Who are these?Why do they exist ” . I thought about the same.

  2. @Anastasi: I was told by a friend that you can’t take photos in the Ghibli museum! Huhu I don’t know if phone pictures would be alright ;__;

    Thank you for the comments, as always. I really appreciate it Anastasi! :heart: 😉

  3. AHH POKEMON CENTER, love that place!
    “THAT BIRD” is Piplup, btw. But I know how you feel… I don’t know the Pokemon from the latest Black and White generation DX
    Love all the pixel-styled and food items there :cute2: /cuteness overload

    Oh, and yeah… Ghibli doesn’t allow photos to be taken indoors, but you can take some outside with the giant Totoro and the Laputa Robot Soldier XD

  4. Someone has actually done the pokeball proposal before~ http://globalgeeknews.com/2011/03/28/pokemon-pokeball-marriage-proposal-pic/ ;D

    B-b-but… OH MY! Pokemon Center??? How did I miss that this was still around? The one in NYC has been converted into an overall Nintendo store, which while is cool in its own right – has nothing on this! :lulz:

    Also, the uniform as checkout looks more like a pokemart to me~ But not a bad thing. (How awesome would it be if they were dressed as actual Nurse Joys though?? :blush3: )

  5. (-third try- Sorry if they have been going though, unintentional spam.)

    Eh… Do links not work? :sweatdrop:
    Just saying, the pokeball proposal has been done before actually, if you google it should come up~ 😉

  6. @Laura: Thank you for the pokemon information! haha I’m still digging the first generation.. can’t seem to grow up! : )) Thank you about the Ghibli information as well! You seem well-traveled here in Tokyo, ne~ ^^v :heart:

    @Elly: No problem at all! For some reason your comments got into the spam folder but I fixed it now 😀 Thank you for sharing the pokeball marriage proposal, that was the cutest/geekiest/aww-est thing ever! HAHA

    And I thought that before as well, the name POKEMON CENTER sounds too misleading that any fan would expect nurse Joy’s! : ))) :tongue: :sweatdrop:

  7. Exactly, me, too! All my favorites are still from the first generation: SNORLAX AND ODDISH FOREVER~ :starru:

    Haha, I wish I was well travelled over there! I’ve only been once, but I spent that week hitting most of my must-sees :3 I’m not done yet, though! Will definitely be back one day :blush3:

  8. How I wish I can go there and take pictures with it, … nkakainggit…… wooooot,

    ask ko lang po, sana masagot nyo, pano po kau nagkaroon ng visa?… may ate at pinsan ako jan, kaso di ko alam kung matutulongan ba nila ako, gusto ko kasing mag aral sa japan e ang problema yung visa.. alam nyu po ba kung pano?

  9. @JAM: Hi! I’m not the best person to talk about the visa.. you can check our PH embassy manila’s website : ) Kung gusto mo mag-aral dito na ikaw magbabayad, malaking pera yun kaya mag-iipon ka muna : )

  10. OMGGGG :yay: it’s Victini the victory Pokemon!~ :pink: :pink: I saw that kawaii My Melody mug(?) haha :heart: :heart: :heart:


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