Totoro Girl Kaila + Pink Suitcase x Rainbowholic Giveaway!

A not-so-rainbowholic coordinate for today! Super cute Totoro Girl Kaila-inspired Mall Girl by PSC TRINKETS~! Remember this?

For some reason, whenever Totoro is with me.. I feel like I need to tone down the colors. Haha!

My favorite caramel platforms from Spinns Harajuku! It matches with my hair color very well!  :heart:

Went to my favorite cafe, Slouc Cafe @ PARCO Urawa to read + get myself a banana muffin.

Blueberry Soymilk おいしかった〜

Surprised to see a “World Variety” KitKat! The pack has only three featured countries though.

Teaser for a new project soon!  😎


Little Miss Dainty Mall Girl by PINKSUITCASE!

★ Rainbowholic x PSC Trinkets Giveaway ☆ ||

Want to win this sweet Mall Girl bracelet by PINKSUITCASE Trinkets + a little rainbowholic surprise from me..? 😉

1. Like Rainbowholic ( & PSC Trinkets ( on Facebook.
2. Share this photo/post on your wall (as many times as you want~♥). Make sure it’s for public viewing!

And then a lucky person will be picked randomly using a number generator~! ^^v


Giveaway will end on June 20, 2012 (JPN TIME).

Happy sharing! ♥



6 thoughts on “Totoro Girl Kaila + Pink Suitcase x Rainbowholic Giveaway!

  1. Yay!! I also want to read the perks of being a wallflower! BTW I’ll join your contest, such a cute bracelet! :happy:

  2. Hi! I really want to enter the contest, but I don’t have a facebook! T_T I can’t make one, either. Is there something else I can do??? If not, it’s ok. ^_^


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