Trendy, Kawaii and Cheap Ladies’ Shop: Shimamura! + COIN LAUNDRY!

If you want to shop trendy items in Japan and you have a budget, I would recommend Shimamura (しまむら)!  I am really lucky to live in a place just around 15 minutes away from this girly store! You can buy Sanrio license goodies for your room starting from about 200 yen… ! That’s really a good deal considering the fact that official Sanrio stores carry products that are so highly-priced!  😥


If I had all the money in the world, I would buy theeeeeese! But I’m broke and trying to save up again so… I took a photo for saving-up inspiration. Haha!

I am currently in a big room / place renovation move. Finally, after months of waiting… I’m going to have a bigger space here in our place!!

Found these cute tissue holders for the toilet. So hard to choose which one to buy when I go back next time.. TT_TT


For the little cook in me, I bought a double-sided Rilakkuma apron! I am not the best cook out there but my willingness to learn how to cook is an evidence of self-improvement.. right? Haha  :hug:

While I was prancing around the kiddie section (lol the places you could find me at : )) ), I saw a pokeball bento! So CUTEEEEE!


Japan, you already…

And more kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiness. I was going ”  :what: ” over My Melody and this pristine white Hello Kitty lunch box!

Perfect for Spring! I waaaaaant this bag! *for now I’ll just stare at this*

Doraemon Gummies! : O I was shocked when I saw packs of this! Just too cute to ignore :O



And my best purchase for today was..


Floral / Spring Platforms for only 2,900 YEN! Compared to the Converse platforms in Nadia.. this one is really cheaper!

Nadia’s: 16,000 yen! But I’m not giving up, for the love of my love for shoes (what) = ))))

And then I saw this Rilakkuma cup noodle in Family Mart. Really, Rilakkuma is everywhere!  :3:



Coin Laundry (コインランドリー)!

It was my/our (brother+his girlfriend) first time to try coin laundry here in Japan (and anywhere in the world)! If you need to wash your bed stuff, coin laundry is the cheapest & most convenient way! Having your bed sheets dry cleaned is just too much so we opted to have our sheets cleaned using coin laundry. I used to just throw everything in our washing machine at home but this time, the laundry was really a LOT so coin laundry was the best option! : )


Forgive my lack of style for today.. I/we spent the whole day packing boxes thus the existence of my totally out-of-place socks and puffy hair! Haha. My human qualities! : ))



(note: I was not picking my nose, ahaha! /fail pose)




4 thoughts on “Trendy, Kawaii and Cheap Ladies’ Shop: Shimamura! + COIN LAUNDRY!

  1. That place is HEAVEN!! I saw the Pokeball bento in Ebay… There’s a Hello Kitty one too~ BUT THE PANDA ONE OHMYGAS BE MINEEE :(((

    The bags are lovely omg ;____;

    I’ve always wanted to try Coin Laundry.. ;u; Got so amused with it from Spongebob and Mr. Bean~ :))

  2. Rilakkuma apron = lucky!! I really want an apron because when I cook food tends to go everywhere (-_-) but I can never find anything I like…they’re always too fluffy and flowery and I hate that. I was aiming to find a rock/skull themed apron but Rilakkuma would be second best… 🙂

    Love the photos of you and the laundry machine :star:

  3. :333: omg I’m in love with that pokeball bento *O*
    I believe the first thing (okay, not exactly the first :bleh: ) I’m gonna do when I get (presuming I will go) to Japan is visiting these cute and cheap stores for cute and cheap stuff HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Love the pictures, a susual :loveheart:


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