Unicorn & Kawaii Food Squishies from SQUISHY KIOSK + Giveaway! πŸ¦„

Hi all!

I’m very excited to share this post with you because it’s all about these ちわちわ SQUISHIES! Fuwa fuwa means fluffy in Japanese.

Also just to put it out there, I’m fully aware that I’m a 27 yr. old grown woman / adult.. hahaha. I just happen to really love all thingsΒ kawaii so I don’t mind sharing my child-like hobbies. One of those ~child-like~ hobbies is collecting (hoarding?? lol) kawaii squishies! Click here to view my post before about my squishie haul, haha~!

So when SQUISHY KIOSK emailed me about sending a box of squishies to me, how could I say no?? Haha!

When I first visited their website, I got SHOOKT. The unicorn squishy that I’ve been seeing all over instagram (I do search and explore the #squishy hashtag when I have free time lol).. the rainbowholic in me got so excited!!

SQUISHY KIOSK Store | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

The JP post guy tried his best to send it to my place but I couldn’t get the right timing twice (my work has been crazy these weeks). I decided to have it picked up at our city’s post office (there are many ways to have your package redelivered in Japan ^^). That was me being a dedicated squishy lover.

I decided to add the squishies in one of my Hobonichi With Me videos for more ~kawaii visuals~ lol.

For your reference & convenience, here are the links from the websites:

⭐Fantasy Ice Cream Squishy Charm ⭐

⭐Jumbo Rainbow Pearl Ice Cream (this one SMELLS so good. MY FAVE!) ⭐

⭐Soft Summer Cake Squishy Charm ⭐

⭐Animal Donut Squishy Charm ⭐

⭐Fantasy Galaxy Unicorn Squishy ⭐

⭐Round Galaxy Sheep Squishy ⭐

⭐Unicorn Squishy Toy ⭐

⭐Giant Rainbow Cake Slice Squishy ⭐

⭐Squishy Sweet Donut Charm⭐

I just want to squeeze everything, lololol!

Watch it in action ~

VIDEO:Β Hobonichi Techo With Me | Kawaii Unicorn & Dessert Squishies + GIVEAWAY! πŸ¦„

Rainbowholic Squishy Kiosk Giveaway

Thanks for reading & good luck on the giveaway! ^^

Love, カむラ

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