This week has gone so fast.. and honestly, I feel burned out. : (

Had a short stress-relieving roadtrip with my brother around Urawa last Tuesday morning.

I love the freshness of the air here in Urawa. It’s very different from Manila.



The weather has become unpredictable here! It’s sunny in the morning and you’ll be surprised of the heavy downpour of rain in the afternoon. : /

Found out that during wednesdays, my class ends earlier by a subject. I miss my monday-thursday school at La Salle.


Whenever I’d get too earlier in school, I’d always hang out in the school’s park and take photo of whatever food / drink I’ve bought. Hi instagram.


I love how blazers can make you look chic.

I really want to wear heels (hi Anglomania!) to school but it’s too inconvenient when I just commute. And my feet are beginning to rebel against me…


My Nihongo is improving! I just need confidence to start conversations with people. Give me 2 months more, and I can speak the language more comfortably. In class, I actively participate in everything but whenever people outside from class talk to me, I get the language “block”. If there’s such thing..

I am planning to buy a cottoncandy blue randoseru backpack! But, not now. I must save up first and prioritize other things…

Since it’s Friday (friday… gotta get down on .. haha forgive me), little miss adventurer me decided to tour around at our area’s popular mall, Parco.

I love this place! It almost took me 2 hours and I have not covered everything in this artsy shop! So many cute textiles, laces, ribbons, buttons, beads, DIY blings, everything a Kaila would ask for.


DIY clay stuff. CRY

I love Yuzawayaaaa!



And here are some of my purchases this week. Bought pretty pens and a notebook from my school’s bookstore. I am too impulsive.

And guess what, Majolica Majorca was on sale in my school’s bookstore (yes, bookstore)! Hello pink cheeks! Bought this for its cute packaging and brand name.


Happy sweets SUCCESS!!



Since I am an advertising management graduate, I am very observant when it comes to publicity / promotional activities of random products I see.

I like this display so much! I thought it was real water but it was a shaped plastic straw (rotating with a glass-like surface that creates a flowing water effect). Very creative!

Witty copy with the z.


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