Upcoming Events in Manila & Tokyo + Kawaii.PH Store Soft Launch

Hello Rainbowholic Friends & Dreamers! <3

I am inviting everyone to come, join and have fun with us in these upcoming events! ^_^

For the first time ever, Kawaii Philippines and Japan Lover Me will be having its first INTERNATIONAL event participation @ Design Festa, Vol. 40!

We will be sharing a booth with our friends from Indonesia, ENJI and WEE’D!


DESIGN FESTA: Encouraging the Freedom of Creative Expression

[source: www.designfesta.com/en/about]

Design Festa is a celebration of the arts at which anyone regardless of age, nationality, talents or language can exhibit.

Serving as a platform for over 10,000 artists, designers, musicians, actors and more twice a year since its inception in 1994, Design Festa welcomes professionals and amateurs alike.

The single largest art festival in Asia, the combination of performances, international cuisine, artistic expression, enrichment, diversity and passion found at Design Festa is like that of no where else on earth.


We will be selling quirky-kawaii handmade items made with love! <3

Our booth number is E-269!


Moreover, we will put up a mini kawaii photo exhibition in collaboration with Assumption Development Foundation and Photographer Justin De Jesus!

kawaii empowerment

These are the hardworking student scholars of ADF.

We gave them their first “kawaii makeover” / empowering experience by letting them try on our own clothes & designs!

For more info, please check out this facebook post. 🙂


On November 16, Philippines will be sprinkled with kawaii confetti!  :happy:

The most-awaited kawaii program from Japan will be aired on IBC13, a local tv channel (which means, EVERYONE can watch it! You don’t need a cable subscription! :D)


(I’m so shy to include my photo on the poster but the producer insisted :O OMG my awkwardness will be televised on national TV :))) )


ALSOOOO, we will have our own mini “KAWAII LIFESTYLE SHOW” called “Kawaii PH TV” @_____@

To be produced by Kawaii PH team and friends!! THIS IS JUST *__________*




And on NOV 21-23,

Kawaii Philippines will be having its biggest fashion bazaar tie-up with BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON (c/o Limitless Events & Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy)!

BFAS_officialPoster - KAWAIIFIED

To all interested kawaii-themed shops & sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact the BFAS8 team if you want to put up your own booth!

It will be a day of kawaii fun, lots of christmas shopping, and so much more!  :yehey:

I will be there in spirit! <3

We will have a Kawaii.PH/Store booth and kawaii activity area (photo wall, workshop, etc.) ^_^




Kawaii.PH/STORE Soft Launch

A few days ago, we just launched “Kawaii PH Store” on facebook!


Kawaii PH Store is a collective of kawaii brands whose crafts are proudly designed and created in the Philippines!

Our goal for Kawaii PH Store is to pool funds so we can build our own version of Kawaii Fashion Mall (similar to Tokyo’s Shibuya 109)!

Crazy dream but nothing is impossible when you do and believe! ^_^

It can also be considered as a movement in promoting the Kawaii lifestyle, glocally. Global reach, local approach and vice versa.



A few nights ago, we released the first handmade dresses by DOLLY KAYE! And it went sold out for the first hours @_@










I will be bringing a few Dolly Kaye designs to Design Festa! See you thereeeee!


Love, Kaila

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  1. :yehey: Congratulations on all the awesomeness coming your way~! Like attracts like!!

    Loving all the dresses in your soft launch~! Really hope that one day you can ship overseas :love:

    With love,


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