Urth Caffe with Laura & Allie, Pompompurin Cafe with Yza, and Anne Kate’s Inspirational Dream

Hello, hello!

This is going to be a long blog entry! Lots of meet-up stories with creative friends, inspirational dreams unlocked, and some personal thoughts from yours truly.

But first, let’s have some ramen! 🙂


Terribly craving for ramen yesterday (haven’t had one in months!). Luckily, I was just around the area of ramen restaurants.

I blame instagram for making me crave for ramen even if I just ate lololol.


It’s been raining since last week here in Tokyo / Saitama. Sun, please come out soon!


Craved for soba so… there. Lolol what’s up with me and my cravings?

New Favorite: Urth Caffe!

After months of hibernating, I finally met up with my friends Allie and Laura! <3 I missed them a lot!


(You can also check out Urth Caffe OurKawaii.Tokyo feature<3)


It was so hot and humid that day. Thank God for Urth Caffe!!


With Laura & Allie <3 Purikura aliens lolol



I will be back soon for more pancakes!


Saw Shaun in Japan x Hello Kitty art installation while walking ~


We tried out these fries from LaForet ~ since we ate something too sweet, haha!


Huhuhu so sinfully yummy! That fried chicken ;_;


“And The Friet” is one of our recommendations if you want to try ~special~ fries haha.


Milkcowww! Will try next time 🙂


And after that, we just window shopped ~

Thank you for the lovely day, girls!

Pompompurin Cafe in Takeshita Dori with Yza

After so many years, my super talented college buddy Yza (who made the logo for Kawaii-DIY.com) and I finally met each other!

kaila-keroberos.jpg kaila-keroberos.jpg

Fooling around before heading out ~


Girly OOTD with yellow as the color theme, haha!


Pompompurin Cafe Our Kawaii. Tokyo feature


LoFT Shibuya is currently selling these kawaii stickers for your transparent umbrellas!


Yukata so creative!


Spotted at Design Festa Harajuku Gallery



Visited “Niko and…” at Harajuku! Really love this lifestyle shop + cafe!







Pikachu x Putitto lolololol

A Dream Come True For Anne Kate

I’ve been wanting to share this way before but just got busy. Sending my nth congrats to one of my best girl buddies out there, Anne!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.20.55 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.21.05 AM


What a dream come true! She had her first editorial shoot (with Filipina actress Coleen Garcia) for Preview Magazine!

When I learned about this, I was almost in tears for Anne! I have witnessed how she started from the bottom… and I STRONGLY believe that she will be one of Philippines’ top photographers!

Anne Kate is one of my “strong woman” inspirations. She may be sporting a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu look most of the time and “too kawaii to be taken seriously” (#KawaiiProblems haha) but she is one of the most hardworking people that I know of. I’ve worked with her side by side (with tears and all LOL) for Kawaii PH, Kawaii in Manila 1, Kawaii in Manila 2 convention planning, Japonisme duties, and so much more. Seeing her bloom and chase after her kawaii dreams no matter what life throws at her.. I am just the happiest and MOST proud friend.

11725137_10207742695304430_29454925_o 11720261_10207742695144426_499220907_o

A year ago, I asked Anne about her dream. I told her to email me about it~ you know you’re both super friends when you become crazy together and dream of the (seemingly) impossible things haha.

This just shows that it does not matter how late you start or how early you run after your dreams. With consistency, persistence, and action-oriented goals in mind.. ANYTHING is possible.

anne kate dream

And a year later, here it is. A spread.


Super super super happy for you, Anne Kate!

Celina The Unicorn

Before I end this entry, just want to show off my favorite bb kawai girl’s rebranded blog at www.celinatheunicorn.com!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.57.09 PM

celina the unicorn celina the unicorn2

“What I’ve shown for the past three years are things that I’ve always been shy and afraid of showing to other people before. I guess being able to publish small details of my life and interacting with strangers-turned-online-friends paved the way to Celina the Unicorn. I was known for being the girl who looked 14 when in fact she’s actually 16 — but maybe it was because she wore frilly skirts and had a photoshoot with a gigantic teddy bear.” – Celina

So, so proud of you too, Celina! If you guys didn’t know, Celina was one of my first-ever readers when I relaunched Rainbowholic blog when I moved to Japan 4 years ago. She was that person who consistently left a comment on my blog entries (She was 14 then.. OMG). She witnessed & read all my saddest and happiest days here on my blog. And for that, I am forever grateful for her. Thank you for cheering me on as always. You’re like a little sister to me! : )

Lesson Learned: Surround yourself with people who have the same values like you have.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. How much I have (yet again) changed these days again. I’m not sure but it feels like I began to like my “a little selfish” self more. Being selfish is okay too. It means that you have certain standards when people relate with you. That you wouldn’t left yourself to be a pushover by others’ influence. Not letting peer pressure affect these “standards”.

There was a time when I wanted to be “in harmony” with everybody until I realized that I’ve been exerting unnecessary efforts and sacrificing my own beliefs & values. Never again. I just really have no time to allot to please every single person. Now, I would rather engage with fellow believers & work on my / our dreams with 100% of my energy.

I certainly have no patience left for useless gossiping and drama that others initiate and tempt me to participate in. I like my company to be positive, people who sincerely wish for success for one another, and genuine as the clear waters. If only I could rant about all the times I was being sincere and being helpful towards people who asked for my assistance (in return, got snubbed away, talked badly of behind my back, etc.) but instead.. they left me hanging afterwards like a clueless person. As a person who truly values her relationships and hold her friends dear, situations like these do hurt me too of course. But playing a “victim” is not my style. I am just wayy thankful for the people who are true and loyal towards me. They might be just a few, but I like my circle like this. Circle of dreamers, believers, supporters.. and people who agree with this–“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Even if I have experienced horrible things when I tried sharing my blessings / lifting people up with me, I will do my best to not become bitter about those but use these experiences to be useful for the future. Now, I’m extra cautious.. yet still open to new relationships. 😀

So to my friends who love me as I am, not only as someone who built her way up / connection / affiliation etc., thank you for sticking with me. For accepting and loving my weirdness, true beki self, my Kardashian mouth, crazy achiever self.. Arigatou ne. : )

Thank you for reading and scrolling down until to this point,


(Oh God, I missed writing down my feels huhuhuhu)

4 thoughts on “Urth Caffe with Laura & Allie, Pompompurin Cafe with Yza, and Anne Kate’s Inspirational Dream

  1. Damn that first photo ate Kai! Huhuhu. Nagcrave ako bigla. Tag-ulan pa naman ngayon sa pelepens. :'(

    I swear I’m going to have ramen tomorrow!!!!! Aaaaaaaggghhhh…

  2. I still remember how Ate Anne Kate randomly messaged me on Tumblr waaaay back asking if we can do a photoshoot (like an Alice in Wonderland theme) but it never really happened… Yet. So SO happy for all her achievements now and I’m so excited for what the future has in store for her! She deserves all the blessings, really. :”) And I feel so fluffy inside after seeing my blog on this post ;___; <3 You already know how much you've contributed into who I am now (parang project lang ah) and I can't thank you enough <3 Love you always!!!! (kahit na iba yung way mo of reciprocating my love for you HAHA LABYU) I'm just here for you, okay 🙂 <3

  3. Whenever you write about your friends reaching their dreams or you reaching yours I feel so happy for you but I also feel a bit bad because I can´t help but feel a little bit envious… I have no idea how to reach my dreams with my current situation, and I feel like it´s rather hopeless… well, I don´t want to be a downer, and I don´t want to make this about me! I really like your entires and I love that you post so many pictures! ^^

  4. Hello Josephine, it’s okay to feel envious at times because we’re all human. I become envious (not sure of the term) of others too, but what I do so that this “envy” will be turned into something better / positive is that.. I use it as my source of motivation / inspiration to do things. You are an amazing girl so please don’t feel hopeless!

    Thanks for reading my blog as always and I hope that you feel better soon 🙂 Gambatte ne, fight!! ^^v


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