☆ Usagi Cuteness + Crazy and Yummy Snack Flavors + BOOK-OFF JAPAN ☆

I originally wanted to post this entry two days ago but my mind would always go blank when I’d have to write something >_<

(If only I could hit the “publish” button without writing a word, haha!)

Finally wore this pair of lolita shoes I got from Milanoo. Be wary though if you want to buy from their shop.. a reader told me it had bad reviews ..? :O


Cupcake beret from last year, Bubble bag (thanks Austine for letting me know about that, haha) which was popular when I was a kid..

and a super comfy bunny sweater gift <3


Which is your fave from the three..?


Mine was obviously.. the usagi  <3 So pink and cuteeee!


Took a photo of this beautiful sunflower I accidentally saw while walking home.

Look at how it stands out from the rest.. i feel that this photo has a deeper meaning..   :pink:


I was bored + brainstorming for a  project (idk how you can be bored and busy at the same time haha) so I tried out these 100 yen nail stickers.

Practical fashion lovers won’t buy nail stickers for 1,000+ yen @_@


A few days ago, my super cute niece turned 1!! We celebrated her first month birthday <3


Me baby sitting~ So cuteee and look at her lips + cheeks

Kawaii attack ;_;


Random Finds (mostly food I can’t eat *_*)

I don’t know why but it’s almost impossible not to encounter /  experience / see cute things here for a day here in Japan…  everywhere I look, there is cuteness! Or maybe it’s just me..? :O

Got these super yummy seaweed chips from Leen~

These super oishii dried seaweed saved my lunch and dinner money (I ate these with brown rice) ~ <3

That is one way to eat healthy. Brown rice + seaweeds!

JLねえちゃん sent this photo because of the rainbow socks. Haha!

Chopper stuff in 7-eleven

OMG WHITE MOCHI.. vanilla flavor :”(

First time to see a White Chocolate OREO in this shape!

Camembert & Pepper Ritz + Cream Cheese & Herbs Ritz! Weird yummy flavors @_@

DOUBLE BERRY POCKY! I really did a double take when I saw this precious seasonal flavor! IT’S SO YUMMY + THE PACKAGING IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!

Hearts <3


Left: 100yen vending machine with mystery drink (i think i posted this already before)

Right: A parking lot in Japan

The most clever idea that sandwich lovers would love! You can draw using these @_@

Get crafty while eating!

My forever favorite: MARIE!!

Strawberry Raspberry KitKat which has a much bitter taste..

(Edit: that awkward moment when your reader corrects you, haha!)

Chocolate Mint Pocky is still here~

Super cute 2012 (?) VW Beetle in a perfect shade of pretty blue.

This is such a dream car for me!


While doing a Domo-kun Kawaii DIY tutorial~

Jump here to learn how to make this Deco Domoくん

I don’t know if this looks appetizing or not but.. I just needed to capture this special moment wherein I really cooked something for myself.

Usually I just eat oatmeal / buy from kombini -_-

Going to hotsprings / onsen is my absolute “me-time” activity. Not only it de-stresses a person, you can lose body fats here!

From 53kg (my weight when I first came to JP), I’m now 45-46 kg .. that’s a big difference for me. I think I lost 3-4 kg because of regular onsen sessions!

My heaviest was at 60kg when I was in Manila..


Milky Cheesecake flavor! Why does cheese have to be in every delicious snack -_- I’m not allowed to eat cheese (because I had a problem with my gallbladder).. huhuhu.

Seriously Meiji, why do you have so many good stuff??????

Haagen-Dazs flavors in Japan are so interesting. Do they also sell the same flavors in your country?


BONSAI Garden in Omiya

My brother decided to bring us to his new favorite place in Omiya. I was shocked to discover that there was a village that had a lot of Bonsai-related businesses all in one place.

Japanese-style houses + the zen feel!

Can you imagine that as a Cherry Blossom tree? *_*


Seriously, I don’t know how the Japanese managed to come up with the idea of preserving a tree into a miniature *_*

Chibi Maple tree!

Persimmon tree!! Just AMAZING!

How they are growing it..


The super expensive ones..


Me pretending to be a student =) Maybe someday, I’ll blog about my bonsai tree? Hahaha!



After our Bonsai adventure, we went to Stellar Town. Didn’t know there were many super nice malls here in Saitama. :O

BOOK-OFF Stellar Town version offers second-hand clothing as well!

Usually BOOK-OFF stores are for second-hand CD’s / magazines / books..

If you want to buy many Japanese fashion magazines from the past at a SUPER LOW price such as 100-300 yen (depending on the type).. BOOK-OFF is your HEAVEN!

These magazines were originally priced twice…


KERA, GOTHIC & LOLITA BIBLE, Popteen, etcetera~

Apparently, this BOOK-OFF franchise also sells second-hand dolls that look so NEW!



At a more affordable cost ^^


Hello Kitty girl figure, anyone??

GUNDAM for the guys

Luffy everywhere~

Dolls dolls dolls!

neondroid paradise~


POOH KUBRICK in a super big size!

100 yen character keychains + toys

So cute!

LOL at Aladin’s face =))

Peko chan and Poko chan~

You can also buy second-hand branded stuff! This Liz Lisa suitcase was for 2,000 yen!!



Insert Heading Title Here


Just wanted to post a photo of my brother being a..proud daddy *_*

He also carries the mommy bag with him!  😎

Super cute kimono set for Japanese kids! The fur thing is the cutest addition~

While walking around, we found this really cool hat shop…


.. which sells robot caps! AWESOME!!! Look at the details @_@


And to end this entry..

Here’s a photo of me and my new toy! Finally had the guts!!

I’ve always wanted to try skating (saw cheap skates in Harajuku for 4,000 yen) but I’d always chicken out.. maybe this time will be different? ;_;

I really want a pair of oldskool rollerskates though.. I think I’ll do a better job with those. Haha!


My eyes are about to fail me now.. so that’s all for this super photospam entry. Hope you enjoyed despite the randomness! Haha~!



14 thoughts on “☆ Usagi Cuteness + Crazy and Yummy Snack Flavors + BOOK-OFF JAPAN ☆

  1. vinylmation for 500 YEN! And liz lisa luggage for 2000 YEN! I went to book off in Ikebukuro and they didn’t have anything but books and magazines =( I wished i went there. My study abroad friend didn’t know where the thrift shops were at.

    When i go back to Japan, i’ll certainly look at ur blog again. Hahaha.. but that’s like in 10 years. .LMAO.

    the baby is so cute >_< i wish i have my own.

  2. Omg the Majin Vegeta figure in that one picture is beautiful :blush: he was my first anime boy obsession as a kid lol don’t ask me why and he’s my favorite anime character of all time :happy: I wish I had a shop like that near me, it seems so interesting, I could get lost in there lol. Hope skateboarding works out for you, my boyfriend and I like to longboard, he has a nice expensive one that rides so smoothly. You should try longboarding, it’s a bit easier :33:

  3. Are you trying to kill me????
    So many stuff and….so cheap!!! This suitcase is just so cute and awesome! For 2000¥?!? You’re kidding me! So cheap! 😥
    Why I can’t be old enough to move to Japan? It would be so much easier to get things like that! :grr:

    Uawww the hats! I have this panda-hat! Okay, not the same but alike that one :heart: I really love animal-realated hats! I wonder if a koala-hat exist? :333:

    Your brother is father now? :cute: Did you say that already? I think not…Ahhh he looks so proud! :yay: And his son/daughter is really cute :kawaii:
    Congratulations to him and his wife! And to you too! Now you are aunt! :yay:

  4. (Teka ang haba ng post na ‘to *scrolls up*)

    I loooove your outfit! :heart: Especially the sweater and the SHOES. BOW SHOES. LOLITA BOW SHOES. Baskin & Robbins omg ;____; I wanna go there~ Wasn’t able to buy sa B&R when we were in Korea BOO :———( Oh and I wanna go to an onsen when I’m there na… =)) Sabi nga ni Ate favorite mo ang onsen hehe

    (Oh and it’s the pony I gave!!!! :heart: )

    Bonsai trees are beautiful. I’d love to go there (rin wow sobrang daming pupuntahan) because I find bonsai trees interesting :nod:

    Happy birthday, Chisa-chan!! *CONFETTI CONFETTI*

    BOOK-OFF!!! :heart: Wala, kaya pala paborito nila Ate yan.. =)) LIZ LISA PINK+LACE+BOWS LUGGAGE THINGO IS CHEAP OK I’D ASK MY MOM TO BUY THAT FOR ME IF ONLY I’M THERE AND YEAH ANDUN PA SANA ;A; Ang cute talaga :(( I love Book-off na kahit di ko pa napupuntahan huhuhuhuhu

    And ingat sa skateboard! =)) Parang ang liit, though? .___. Always wear safety gear when you’re going to skateboard na ha :))

  5. You niece is just the cutest little thing ever! But I’m blown away by your local Book-off, it’s much better than my local one. I think I couldn’t resist all those beautiful dolls, even though these tiny Japanese apartments have nowhere to put them!

  6. I miss that MARIE BISCUITS… I remember I got that from a friend last year when I came to visit Tokyo… :heart:

    Whaaaa! BOOK-OFF!! I remembered you thought me how to go there in Shibuya!! I miss Tokyo so much! I wanna go on a random trip to Koenji! Haha! :heart:

    I love those dolls!! Whaaa! things I don’t need but I just want haha!

  7. SPOTTED THE USAGI :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    how much I love rabbits :loveheart:
    I love your sweater and also your lolita shoes :yay:
    I wanna try the double berry pocky :love:
    the last time a saw a bonsai garden is in my classmate’s house where he owns a bonsai garden. they’re so rich. I wish we’re rich like them 😥
    BOOK-OFF!!! waaaah Kaila-nee may papabili na me ako sayo :))
    I’m gonna buy someday POPTEEN!!!
    dolls!!!nendroids!!!BOOK-OFF IS TOTALLY HEAVEN :33:
    Kawaii One Piece Collectibles :33:
    I really wanted to wear those cute kimonos or walolitas someday :33

  8. omg those cute stuff… I wish someday I had a chance to go there!

    I really love your outfit with lolita shoes, it’s so cute!

  9. Those aren’t strawberry KitKats, they’re raspberry kitkats which is why they were kind of bitter :lulz:


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