Vintage and Polkadots + Costco Time! + The Happy Squirrel

Before going to Manila, my family here in Japan went out for a bit to enjoy the holiday season.  :happy:

I wore this super cute and simple dress from Make Amend by Cassandra. Very fitting for the Christmas vibe, don’t you think? <3

Perfect day to drive around Saitama.  :star:

The whole coordinate~ If only I could wear this pair of red heels outside, I would. Haha!

Wearing Bow from Tiara by Tracy Dizon & Make Amend Vintage dress <3

My Rilakkuma hug buddy with the Happy Squirrel Chisa

Warm tea while roadtripping yay  :heart:

When we arrived at Costco, we had our late lunch first. It felt like it was my first time to eat large-sized food (which is pretty normal in US?) *_*


Combos and jelly beans!! Omg *_*

I love how everything in Costco was reasonably priced !

Maybe if I were younger, I would’ve asked my mom to buy me these…

Lisa Frank <3

Keep Calm with relaxing music..?

The cutest holiday gift tags! How can you write on these *_*

Macarons, super savers pack hahaha


Cakes for big gatherings. Of course, the rainbow one caught my eye! 😀


Random Kawaii Finds

After our massive Costco haul (I bought a lifetime supply of jellybeans, haha kidding).. we went to an outlet yard nearby. Saw some cute stuff thought I should share ^^v

Carebears <3

Fluffy room slippers yayayay!

The cutest facial masks ever! How can a girl use one?? ;_; Too cute to rip off the packaging!

Cutest nail art ever.

I bought the purple one! <3

Clever scarf is clever. Perfect for kitty lovers!

I don’t know if a real straight guy would wear a complete pink coordinate like this.. : ))

Snacking with Lil Donuts!

Yum yum yum!


Hanging out with my favorite baby <3


OH btw.. Chisa blogs as well. : )))


And lastly, I’m really loving this coat from my brother :blush:  Fits well!


Hope you guys are having fun over there~ Enjoy the holidays before it ends ^^v


7 thoughts on “Vintage and Polkadots + Costco Time! + The Happy Squirrel

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaah! your coordinate for today is really into the season nee-chan :yay:
    MACARONS! I wanna have a bite and taste those sweets someday :333:
    Chisa is so cute :33: your blog post for today is like a collaboration with Happy Squirrel Chisa 🙂 🙂
    Meri Kurisumasu Neechan :heart:

  2. I didn’t know that they had costco in other countries! Of course the Japan one is better because they have cute items! I would have definitely have bought those macarons in bulk!
    Ohh Chisa is super cute!

  3. This is my first visit to your blog. わたしはアビゲイルです。いぎりすじんです。T. I love the Puzzle erasers in Costco. I wish Costco sold those in the UK! I have the sushi set of puzzle erasers and I have my little cousin the macaron puzzle eraser set at Christmas.



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