#VisitJapanJP Instagram Launch + Our Original Kawaii Washi Tape ?

Hi all!

Before I go to sleep now, I just wanna share some recent events in my life.

Last week, I got to witness a Noh performance for a few minutes, thanks to Instagram Japan. Arigato to Justin for tagging me along (so spontaneous lol)! For the event coverage, head over to his wonderfully crafted website to read the blog entry.

Souvenir jacket from JLM STORE / Finding Yayoi at Ginza Six

VIDEO:  Visit Japan JP Instagram Event + Tsukimi Dango

If you love taking photos when vacationing around Japan, make sure to use the hashtags: #JapanLoverMe #VisitJapanJP #UnknownJapan & #InstagramJapan (to get your photos / account discovered) ^^

If you’re planning to go to Ginza, stop by at Ginza Six and go to the food section (basement).

Tsujiri’s Uji Matcha icecream = CANNOT BE MISSED! So heavenly!!

Instagrammers all over the country gathered in place

Photo by Justin

After the event, we visited Tsutaya Books located at the same mall.

I don’t usually visit Ginza unless I have to meet someone there / it’s work-related. Being able to watch that classic Noh performance demo was really unique. I think I should try watching a sumo match in the future too.. hmm ~



Time for random updates yay

Ice gem souvenir snacks from Justin + thrifted Kanken bag!

VIDEO: What’s Inside My Kanken Backpack | Rainbowholic

That special time when your boyfriend designed your Rainbow Care Packages..

Gifts & haul from special people:

Gudetama gifts from Aki, Gudetlog + other kawaii stickers from Chichi + #PINKFOREVER zine & Imagininja sticker pack by Allie & Lando!

Sailormoon x My Melody… this packaging is making me buy it lol

Cute Stickers by Little Miss Paintbrush | Hobonichi Techo With Me / かわいい ほぼ日手帳

Pink turtle-shaped bread.. I’m sold lol




And to end this post, let me just share this original washi tape that Chichi designed!

Original Kawaii Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Kokeshi Washi Tape (Japan Lover Me)

Thanks for reading this very quick update!



One thought on “#VisitJapanJP Instagram Launch + Our Original Kawaii Washi Tape ?

  1. I’ve been obsessed with your Youtube videos and watch one every night before I go to bed. You’ve inspired me to use my planner and bullet journal more but I also want to add a Hobonichi to my collection, not like I need it but I want one so bad! haha ♥



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