Welcoming The Kawaii Autumn With Kawaii Box (Review + Giveaway!!)

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Sien Liu for winning a kawaii box! 

Thank you everyone for joining! <3

Last week, I received every kawaii enthusiast’s happiness in a box: A Kawaii Box!

I felt like a little girl who was about to open her Christmas present from Santa (this time, too early for the holidays though haha)!  :3star:


Actually, I have received a kawaii box before as well and you can read my previous review here.

This time, these are kawaii presents that I received~! <3

Super happy! :”)

My personal favorite is the sheep calendar!

For someone like me who handles a lot of projects, a kawaii calendar is a must! <3

Thank you for the warm welcome, haha! 😀


The Kawaii Box items are:

Kawaii Sheep 2015 Calendar

My Melody Socks

Panda Stickers

OMG Keychain

Kawaii Pink Neko Keychain

Cottoncandy Blue Macaron Keychain

Pink Lace Deco Tape

Kawaii Post-its

Quirky Zipper Bracelet


Quirky zipper bracelet, OMG keychain and a cottoncandy blue macaron (my favorite shadeeeee of blue) mobile accessory / keychain!!

Happy for you, haha!


And it starts with NOVEMBER as the first month! <3 I can use it already yay!


Helpful kawaii post-its for the creative director yay <3

Of course, POCKY is a must!


Super kawaii pastel pink neko keychain + CHUNKY PANDA STICKERS huhuhuhu

I don’t know if this was meant to be sent randomly but every item seemed like a personally picked item for Kaila, haha!

Kawaii My Melody socks?? Of courseeeeee my heart wouldn’t be able to resist such cuteness! <3

Overall, I am very delighted with my Autumn Kawaii Box! Thank you so much for sending, KawaiiBox!

To those who are interested, kindly check out their FAQs page!


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3. Leave a comment below if you are joining and let me know which item is your favorite from the Kawaii Box!

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