Who is Kawaii Girl?

I’ve been wanting to write and share my thoughts about “Kawaii Girl” but it’s only today that I’ve finally found the opportunity and drive to do so.

Originally, I was just planning to share the photos below from our mini shoot (thanks LucyPop Japan!)..

… but might as well share what I think of “Kawaii Girl”.

Some photos below may not be related with the captions but I hope you’d still get what I mean. 😀

For me, Kawaii Girl isn’t just a pretty face. She isn’t just the really really cute girl with a small waist, skinny legs, big eyes, and the like.

She isn’t just the model you see in the Japanese fashion magazines. The internet superstars / selfie queens on instagram.

Kawaii Girl can be an average girl as well.

She could be a highschool student, a 12 yr. old manga fan.. a 27 yr. old company employee.

She could be any other girl.

For me, cuteness in terms of appearance does not make anyone automatically “cute” in the overall sense.

I’ve met countless of “kawaii girls”, and I could categorize them between two:

Chotto Kowai and Totemo Kawaii

(“Chotto” means “a little bit” while “Kowai” is “scary” in Nihongo, hehehe).

#truestory :))

(Is Totoro Kawaii or Kowai? Haha :P)

Kawaii Girl is someone who I also aspire to be.

Someone who understands the difference between child-like and childish.

Someone who is not only a dreamer or a “gambatteru hito” (a person who does her best)..

.. she is someone that can also be considered as a “hero” for she fights for her dreams.

I know my interpretation or my image of Kawaii Girl is really in the deepest level (lol Earth core level)..

.. but I guess I would just like to make a difference in this kawaii world..?

Everyday, we are bombarded with beauty products and clothes that promise us to turn us into “kawaii” girls.

But we girls tend to forget that being beautiful / pretty (きれい) / かわいい is only skin deep.


Kawaii Girl is someone who is confident in her own skin.

Somebody who does not care about expressing herself in fashion, in her art.. and in her lifestyle.

Someone who also shares positivity around.

Kawaii aims to make the world a happier place (hello smiling Sanrio characters and the like)…

And so it is just right that Kawaii Girl does the same too– by becoming a source of happiness to someone. 😀



Kawaii Girl is perfectly imperfect.

She knows & accepts her flaws and highlights & celebrates her strengths instead. : )

She looks at fashion magazines / read kawaii blogs to inspire herself to become better…

.. and not to make herself feel insecure & jealous of others. :”)

She is someone who isn’t afraid of being her true self.

Who cares if she’s 30 and she still loves / adores Hello Kitty?

“Looking Kawaii” is different from “Being Kawaii”..

.. and everyday, I strive to become who I envision Kawaii Girl to be.

Someone who will be a source of inspiration to other girls and “imouto” (little sister) readers. 🙂


Someone who isn’t shy about expressing her love for cuteness.


Someone who is real and wholehearted in everything she does.





(P.S. Thank you LucyPop for the skirt and bow!)

12 thoughts on “Who is Kawaii Girl?

  1. You really are inspiring, Kaila. Definitely on your way to being truly kawaii 🙂

    PS. Totoro is usually kawaii for me but that photo was both kawaii and kowai hahah 😀

  2. :woww: I love your blog!, it’s so cute and inspirational for the young women out there! Good luck in all your work!

  3. You are a huge inspiration to me Kaila!! You make me feel that Japan isn’t just a dream but a reality that I could one day experience. :yay: :yay: :yay: I am a pretty big tomboy to be honest, but I still like the kawaii culture/lifestyle because it means so many things to so many people!

  4. I’ve loved your vision about kawaiiness!! I absolutely agree with you :nod: Such a beautiful and inspiring post! :pink:
    Warm regards from Spain! :star:

  5. :heart: I LOVED this post! I’m touched by your post and I want to try to be a Kawaii Girl like your vision of one! (I liked your photos as well)

  6. Hi! I liked your post, This year I’m turning 31 and I’m a mom 😉 I love kawaii, this is my life style since I was a teenager. No matter who you are or how old are you to be yourself. Kaila you’re a great and so kawaii girl !! :yay:

  7. What a wonderful post, Kaila! :woww:
    I, too, envision Kawaii to be about happiness. It’s spreading warmth and touching people’s hearts!
    Let’s become Kawaii Girls together!

    With love :heart:

  8. This is one of my favorite posts of yours I love how your so true and real to your kawaii self. You couldn’t have said it or demonstrated it any better. So glad to see that with each post you are gaining more and more sucess and enlightenment towards your hard efforts! <3


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