4 thoughts on “♥ Winged Rainbowholic ♥

  1. holy mother of clothing! :woww:

    Also, try doing a levitating photo with those shoes!!! That would be an awesome entry! 😀 Also, very unique-y lookbook-y! :lulz:

  2. Let me just say that this outfit has been added to my favorites list (in my head hehe) One of your cutest outfits ever!! (Oh wait, ALL OF YOUR OUTFITS ARE KAWAII BRB CRYING IN THE CORNER) And yeah like what Mishie-san said, you should try doing a levitation photo with that oufit~ *u*

  3. OMG :3
    you look like pink and blue girl. and you got a winged backpack.
    I envy you for being the most kawaii girl I ever saw


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