WRAPPLE Workshop Cafe + Travelling Hobonichi 2018 Meet-up ?

Hello everybody!

Yesterday, I attended my first Travelling Hobonichi event hosted by my dear friend, Esther (@esthermolinart)! I met this crazy and super kind bunch of stationery lovin’ people back when Momo (@momolovespaper) invited me to join a stationery meet-up at Tokyu Hands Cafe.

It was my first time at a Wrapple store / branch and I was SO amazed by everything! Imagine a workshop cafe filled with stationery?! There’s a stationery cafe (Bunbougu Cafe) in Tokyo too but I love this space more. It’s accessible too because it’s just next to Tokyu Hands Shibuya. I asked the staff about the shop (couldn’t believe I just discovered it now lol) and she told me it was just pretty new (built 6 months ago).

(this was during my first stationery meet-up with Tokyo folks)

BGM washi tapes just really make you want to travel around the world haha

Wrapple Shibuya, Tokyo Address: 渋谷区宇田川町12-17 東京

Website | Instagram

If you need some journaling inspiration, check the people I tagged on this post ~

Esther’s hobonichi & mine ~

Took photos after the event ~ watch out for the stationery store tour video soon!


Circle washi tutorial by Mits

The completed Travelling Hobonichi was so INSPIRING. I am amazed by this community!

Who else loves wrapping gifts?! This store is paradise for people who love to customize their gifts!

My favorite kind of rainbow haha

*grabby hands*

Had to get this freebie haha

I bought this little cutie as a reward for myself. Last week was super tough and tiring!




After the event, I met up with Tianhe (she commented a lot on my previous videos). She wanted to attend the workshop too but the slots were already full. We decided to just meet up later (same location). She showed me her hobonichi filled with memories during her adventures / backpacking around the world!

I was SO TOUCHED when I flipped through her hobonichi pages and found this page with “Rainbowholic” on it (entry last August). Huhuhuhu

Tianhe gave me the honor to be the first one to write on her hobonichi 2018 (quoting her, “Kaila, please take my journal’s virginity” lololol). She also showed me the pocket printer she was using (tempted to get one, lol)! I am very thankful to meet all these passionate people from other countries!. When I have time or the schedule permits, I do love meeting up with my readers and asking about what they do / what they are passionate about.

All of these wonderful people who’ve I met because of our common love for stationery / kawaii / journaling / crafting are my online friends. I am still in awe how we have all connected. I cannot wait for more meet-ups and events! 🙂

Thanks for reading and see you on youtube!

With love, カイラ

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  1. Yeahiiiii !!!! Beautiful !!! Thank you so much for meeting with me, I’m still so excited when I talk about this to anyone hahaha It’s the first time I meet someone from online community and I’m so glad! It’s an amazing experience 😀 Let’s do our best !!!


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