6 thoughts on “My Cherry Blossom Dream & Sakura’s Snowfall

  1. Ouuu, those sakuras are soo kawaii! So sad they’ll be all leaving soon. D; Omg, coconut flavored pocky’s, awesome! I’d wanna try those. 😀 Happy one year, Kaila & Rainbowholic! Keep up the awesome work! :3

  2. If I was there, I’d lie down on the ground because SAKURA PETALS~ ;___; And I’d ride my bicycle (with training wheels bc I don’t know how to ride a bike huhu) through a path of cherry blossoms~ ;u; *ilusyonada*

    Forever pretty, ate!! <33 As pretty as the cherry blossoms~ ^_____^

    And Ooooooooohhhhhhhh giveaway. *A*

    lol anyway, ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAINBOWHOLIC!!! :heart: ('di pa exact date eh lol~) I can't believe it's almost been a year already, wow. *_______*

  3. OMG happy 1 year! Amazing pictures, how lovely is this sakura snow *O* and this coconut pocky seems delicious, I’ll look for it here in my country >_< can't wait for your giveaway, that rosy bag is just perfect, do want =O hugs

  4. wow congrats for ur soon to be one year !!! those pictures are so pretty ur so lucky !!! great products u got on ur site so cute love them!!! can’t wait unitl the contest!!! good luck !!


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