10 Things / Moments That Make Me Happy


Good evening from Japan! <3

For tonight’s post, I just want to share one of the pages from my favorite notebook from Muji + some #GirlTalk, teehee! Whenever I feel overwhelmed by happenings OR by my own brain lol, I usually just cry it out alone to make myself feel better and grab my favorite notebooks and pens to doodle happy thoughts and dreams. These past 2 weeks had been such a whirlwind for me. I don’t really speak much about my ongoing struggles (because I’d rather solve / survive these first on my own… >_<) … but I feel more comfortable now to write about it… since the storm has almost passed, haha. I really don’t like it when my female hormones battle against me. I just had the TOUGHEST weeks of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) ever. I had 2 great weeks, then 2 weeks of struggle. HUHU.

Mood swings and body aches? Check, check! I tried to make myself feel better but ahhh, stress + PMS combination felt like I was in a battlefield alone. : ( To my fellow females out there, have you ever felt like this before? Hopefully next month, I won’t undergo such psychological war-like phase anymore, lolol. Cold season + mood swings caused by hormonal changes…. let me just sleep the whole day.. and read books. ;_; Going to gym regularly and exercising did help..though. But goodness, the unexplainable crying spells that came out of nowhere… I thought I’d gone crazy already. My cousin Gilbert was playing Celine Dion’s songs while driving.. and I cried the whole time for no reason. Holy smokes.. :))

Anywayyy, the problem has already passed~ I’ll just do better in cheating / tricking myself next month / cycle (woops, sorry too much girl talk haha but yes). Maybe I’ll come up with a “how-to” post on how to UN-PMS your month. Hahaha! Anyway, this has become way too off-topic already.. lolol PMS-ing Kaila.. you better run and hide, haha~ Kidding!


Blogging has been such a therapeutic routine for me that’s why I’m trying my best to commit to it. For some reason, “clicking” that publish button gives me a sweet feeling or sense of accomplishment. Yay, I did something productive today~ something to that effect, haha! When I get blank about what to write / blog about, I’d usually come up with a list about things I’m / should be grateful for, as a reminder for my present / future self.

So for today’s happy things list, here are my take~

  1. Anything matcha makes Kaila happy.
  2. Blogging my dreams
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura
  4. Walking (+ listening to music)
  5. Baskin Robbins’ chocomint icecream!!
  6. Bows, peterpan collars & polkadots!
  7. Having the confidence to speaking in Nihongo : )
  8. Waking up & not feeling tired ~
  9. Doodling my goals
  10. Pink Sakura trees~ SPRING 早くしてください〜 ;_;

How about you? What’s your happy list of little things that make you smile / excited about life? Please feel free to share below!  ^_^

P.S. Also, if you have some tips on how to overcome your PMS, please share as well, haha~ *winks*

Love, カイラ


6 thoughts on “10 Things / Moments That Make Me Happy

  1. Aww I’m glad you feel better now! I know that feel because I feel like that so often….Days when I feel bad/depressed for NO reason in particular (Brain,Y U insist on making things complicated? >.<) So I distract myself/do random things to cheer myself up till I feel ok again..Anyway,
    My 10 happy things list:
    1- Early morning Bus rides to school (Bonus if it's raining+ ''feel''y music.)
    2- Laughing over the silliest things with the people that i love :'')
    3. Imagining/play-acting that I'm already in Nihon! (Only in my mind/When im alone..haha so embarassing)
    4. Watching 'Friends' :'') Aaah Joey :')
    5.Weekends.'Nuff said.
    8. Reading~~ <3
    9.Making/Doing little things for people that make them happy! Happy smiless aaah <3
    10.Ice-creammm owo

  2. This post perfectly describes things going on with me too right now as well-PMSing and sick in bed! And I agree-matcha makes me happy too!
    My list:
    1. Water, water, water-cleansing in general, and drinking a TON of boiled water makes me feel so much better for times like now when I’m feeling sick
    2. My dog! Sitting on my bed with me right now 🙂
    3. Reading! I’m reading 4 books right now (2 are short though, hehe)
    4. Blogging/Bloglovin-discovering so many new blogs during my time off from work
    5. Vegetables! Eating them when I’m sick makes me feel sooo much better
    6. Meditation + Candles
    7. My mini sea shell collection!
    8. Making stationery and organizing my sequins by color (that I use to make my stationery) into containers
    9. Soundcloud-yay for new music discoveries! 🙂
    10. Writing in my journal! So therapeutic!
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

  3. @Sarah:

    Hello Sarah! Thank you for sharing your happy list! I’ll try drinking lots of water too for cleansing / detox, maybe that’d help me during not-so-good days (sickness +PMS). And meditation + candles combination sounds great!

    Hope you have a great week ahead! ^^

  4. @Asmitha:

    I super agree with you about the icecream part, haha! And lol, you’re not alone with “imagining I’m in Japan”, cause I used to do that to. Complete with conversations in my head. Hahahaha

  5. lol the other day in Twitter I was discussing this topic with my friends ( my cycle was //so painful//! I thought I had to skip work ;A; ) and one of them said that PMS actually stands for Pre, Present, Post-Menstrual Syndrome. huhu


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