26th. ?

Hi everybody!

Today felt like a dream. Please don’t wake me up just yet, haha!

Thank you.

Many thanks to my family in Saitama for all the love and surprise. 🙂

Epic photo of Chisa crying because I blew the candles instead, lolol.

Best birthday gift! Haha, just joking ~

Midori as my travel buddy during this special birthday trip.

To my 25 yr. old self…. oh dear God.. how did you survive that year?! Lololol

This was the most random activity ever. Never thought I’d do this in Arashiyama, haha!

Gotta love the spontaneity 🙂

Today, I got to try Kyoto’s best ramen (Tenkaippin), Kazariya mochi sticks and Gion’s famous matcha parfait. Today was all about great food, lol. *hashtag no regrets*

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything. I just want to freeze this day and savor every minute of it. :”)

To end this quick post, let me just share a photo of my cheeks. Thank you Kyoto for making it fluffy, lololol.

And lastly before I forget.. happy new year guys! :”)

<3, カイラ

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